Sunday, June 1, 2008

Polycythemia; Hypertension (How Water Cure)

Several months ago I finished reading your fascinating book "Your Body's many Cries for Water." I truly have to say that I couldn't put it down until I finished reading it. Several of my friends and family members have also read it. My brother who has some medical background, has also read it, and he found it very interesting.

I have a medical condition called Polycythemia Vera. My body produces too many red blood cells. i am on medication called hydroxyurea. Also from time to time they have to do a phlebotomy on me. I was diagnosed with this illness about nine years ago when I was 33 years old, but my doctor said that probably I had the illness several years before that. It is a rare illness usually occuring in much older people. People of my age usually do not have this illness. Nobody knows what causes this illness. I was told perhaps stress has something to do with it. Also, I used to be a security guard for several years and I worked in factories and industrial sites and perhaps I was exposed to some chemicals or toxic materials. Over the years my condition seemed to get slightly worse. i was put on hydroxyurea. The use of hydroxyrea over an extended period of time can lead in some cases of leukemia and other illnesses.

About eight months ago I read your book and I started drinking more water. I drink about 80 ounces a day. Over the years I have also suffered from hypertension and I was under a lot of pressure from my doctor to go on high blood pressure medication. At first, my blood pressure was borderline but it seemed to be getting worse. I resisted as long as I could about taking the high blood pressure medication, but I don't think that I could have resisted much longer. I started drinking 80 ounces of water a day eight months ago. Now my blood pressure is totally normal. As a matter of fact, during my last checkup one of the nurses joked that I have the blood pressure of a teenager.

As far as my Polycythemia Vera is concerned there has also been an improvement. As I mentioned above my condition seemed to be getting slightly worse. I started drinking more water eight months ago. Now my condition seems to be improving. Every three month or so I go for a check up and each time they take a sample of my blood for laboratory tests. Among the things they test for, my brother told me, is something called RDW. As best as I can explain what my brother has told me, RDW shows how healthy my cells are, whether they mutated or not. If they mutate enough, this can lead to leukemia and other medical conditions. This RDW measurement had also been getting slightly worse. The RDW number is now totally normal.

Soon I ask my doctor whether gradually I can be taken off the medication and rely more on phlebotomy. Both my doctor and my brother have talked about me doing this.

I have describes as best as I could both of my medical conditions and how by drinking more water they have both improve significantly. It is a shame that the medical establishment does not take the drinking of larger amounts of water mores seriously. I only wish I would have known about all of this many years ago. I do know that I will tell my friends and relatives about this. I wish i could do much more in helping you promote your theories.

With my best wishes, I remain
Sincerely, Ivan


Thomas Profaci said...

I also was diagnosed with PV in early thirties..and yes..I was exposed to percolethelene in my parents dry cleaning store. I have maintained myself with both Urea and phlebotomiies. Unfortunately, I also have FSG and lost both kidneys. I am now a recipient of a kidney so I take a lot of meds etc. One thing I do is drink a ton of water. I drink Poland Spring 3 litre bottles (clear plastic) because of the kidney situation. However, I do not see that maintaining my numbers. I would be interested to know your diet.

Its ME said...

Hello Thomas Profaci, I am sorry to learn your present medical condition. You see the main stream medical practices which still hold on the "soild paradigm" will continue to use drugs to suppress / postpone the signs and symptoms of dehyration dis-ease.

Now you have someone's else "kidney" , but your body will have to be 'force' to accept it by "lot of meds etc".

When did you start drinking 3 litre bottles of water? Before or after the kidney transplant? What is your present body weight ? Eat more fresh fruits and green herbs than cooked stuff. Regulate drinking 10% of the daily total water quota, every 90 minutes. Use sea salt, quit all artificial stuffs , including table salt.

Anonymous said...

I believe in what phlebotomy can do with your sickness. I have been so reliable with this one ever since.
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Adriana said...

hi, what about the Gerson diet ( Has anyone got any experience how does that work? We have introduced our Dad to this diet just 2 months ago (63 years, who suffered for over 10 years for Polycythemia vera). We have already noticed that WBC dropped - not the RBC though. Maybe the number of raw vegetable juices should be increased. Please post any comments. thanks and happy new year everyone!

Casey said...

Need help. My husband is just being diagnosed with polycythemia.

sheosamh said...

adriana, how did the gerson diet work for your father? I also was going to advise someone to try the gerson.

Juli Jonior said...

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