Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Fat bomb" ticking away in Australia!

News in Singapore, The Straits Times,Saturday,June 21,2008.
Roger Maynard, Australia Correspondent in Sydney reports:

Obesity-related health issues could cost the country S$7.8 billion. Study shows Australia now has a higher proportion of obese people than the United States of America.
Study entitled "Australia's Future Fat Bomb", 9 million adults are now rated as overweight. Four(4)million of those adults have been officially declare obese.
That works out to 26 per cent of the adult population, 1 per cent more than the Americans.

Author of the study is Professor Simon Stewart, Head of Preventive Cardiology at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne.
The so-called "fat bomb" could causes 123,000 pre-mature deaths over the next 20 years, put an additional 700,000 people into hospital with heart attacks, strokes and blood clots as well as cost the health service a staggering A$6 billion (S$7.8 billion).

Fast food and a general decline in physical activity are identified as the key factors in the obesity epidemic.

And the solution? Remedy ??

(1.Continuous walking program for all affected. 2.Adopt water-cure protocol. 3.Sea-salt usage.)

A comprehensive national public health maintenance strategy cannot come too soon. It is a sad reality for any nation facing a growing "fat-people-bomb" explosion.

The study says that those most at risk of premature death are 70 per cent of men aged between 45 and 64, and 60 per cent of women in the same age group.

Obesity epidemic poses the biggest risk to any country's future health and wealth, threatening an overwhelming number of weight-related hospitalisation cases and cost ranging from knees affliction / replacements to heart attacks.
My humble appeal to the people there is to let them know about water-cure protocol. The success of the public health maintenance at the highest level effort will rely on the actions and condition set by the present government of the country for the present generation of citizens/residents.

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