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Many sales pitch tout about calcium with bones diseases. The excess calcium in the human body has some very serious consequences.


Inorganic calcium comes from soil that plants absorb and incorporate into their structure. Only plants can transform inorganic minerals, calcium being one of them, into organic minerals which is suitable for human and animals consumption. That is nature's design and plain fact.

The people in general have been, and it is time we wake up and don't be, misled by shameless commercial interests.
The human body needs twice as much calcium as magnesium, but most people consume far more calcium than that. Because there is so much more calcium in our diet than magnesium. It's been shown that, when the average person's total calcium intake is lessened, more calcium is actually utilizable because of the closer balance with magnesium. How do that grab you?

A low-calcium diet may actually help guard you against osteoporosis. Too much calcium (high-calcium cow milk, HL brand and other brands / pasteurised milk ) on the other hand, blocks the absorption of magnesium. And dairy products, which are high in calcium and phosphorus, are a very poor source of magnesium.

As a point of interest, besides phosphorus, another mineral much involved with calcium utilization is magnesium. Magnesium is needed for the absorption of calcium. Magnesium is used by the human body to transport calcium to the bones. Calcium primary metabolic function acts as a second messenger within cells, linking external stimuli acting on cells to the specific, internal responses a cell is able to make (e.g., nerve signals and muscle contraction).

If you had to cross a river and had no boat, you couldn't get to the other side. Even if you brought ten more people to the shore with you, you still would be in need of a boat. The extra people would do you no good. There would just be eleven people more stranded instead of one. So it is with magnesium and calcium.
Without the magnesium to transport the calcium to the bones, you can swallow a bucketful of calcium to no avail. It will circulate in your body, with no,proverbial magnesium "boat" to take the "people"-calcium to its destination, and settle in the soft tissues, causing the many health problems such as osteoporosis, brittle bones, hip fractures.

The excess calcium in the human body has some very serious consequences.
When calcium is lost from the bones, it is not just eliminated from the body. This excess calcium in the body is picked up by the blood and deposited in the soft tissues -- the blood vessels, skin, eyes, joints, and internal organs. Excess calcium combines with fats and cholesterol in the blood vessels to cause hardening of the arteries. This excess calcium that ends up in the skin causes wrinkling. In the joints, this excess calcium crystallizes and forms very painful arthritis deposits. In the eyes, this excess calcium takes the form of cataracts. And in the kidneys, the excess calcium forms hard deposits known as kidney stones. So don't think that taking extra calcium / supplements is an innocent precaution. It is not ! It is disease producing !

There are many ironies in life . There are many in the field of human health. But here is the irony to end all ironies. We are ceaselessly being beseech ed to consume dairy products to combat osteoporosis, while dairy products are a major cause of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis has become a US$5 billion (still counting) in the United States alone. The calcium supplement pushers are in proverbial heaven, laughing to the banks. Practically out of the clear blue sky comes this windfall of millions (still counting) of women and men who have been whipped into a frenzy of fear, clamouring for calcium. All of a sudden, calcium supplementation is the latest sling tool for products. It used to be "new and improved", now it is "with calcium added" --- magic words to make the cash registers ring. You can get antacids with calcium, laxatives with calcium, soft drinks with calcium, bread with calcium, cereal with calcium, worse is --- baby cereal with fortified calcium, flour with calcium, vitamin pills with calcium. I am waiting for one of those car salesmen come screaming, "Hurry! on down and take advantage of these prices !!" to conclude with "... and the first five hundred people to buy a car this weekend will get a sack of powdered calcium thrown in."

These calcium supplements do more harm than good to the human body. Most of these supplements are cooked bone meal or dolomite, and many contain harmful amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury and other toxic metals. (Source : Roberts.H. " Potential Toxicity Due to Dolomite and Bone-meal." Southern Medical Journal, Vol76, 1983,p.556) The natural source of dolomite, if you need, is eat fresh pineapples. Non-processed fresh fruits have distilled water, organic mineral and other trace elements, all just right and nice for all human and animals diet, any time and any place.

"The calcium losing effect of protein on the human body is not an area of controversy in scientific circles. The many studies performed during the past fifty-five years consistently show that the most important dietary change that we can make if we want to create a positive calcium balance that will keep our bones solid is to decrease the amount of protein we eat each day. In 1930, the first study was published that showed that in humans, a diet with high meat content caused the loss of large amounts of calcium and a negative calcium balance. And yet, fifty-five years later (1985) our learned medical authorities are still pondering the cause of osteoporosis." --- Dr. John A McDougall, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine.
His two books, "The McDougall Plan", and "McDougall's Medicine ", should be required for anyone entering the health professions, to say nothing of the lay person.

Look at the expense of meat, dairy products and calcium supplements. If huge numbers of people were to find out the truth and start to rely less and less on these advertised products and more and more on natural sources of natural organic calcium -- fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds -- it would present great economic hardship to these industries. Your body's economy is more important than the said industries' economies. Perhaps you are in the said industries; MLM wellness/supplements industry. I know it is sad that it has to come down to profits versus health, but we are talking here about a monumentally vast amount of money. Let us not be naive. People will compromise themselves for the old green $$$stuff, and there is no better example of that than the attempt by the dairy industry and it's hired mouthpieces to convince you to continue using its products despite a mountain of evidence proving they contribute to osteoporosis! Prove to yourself, if you are suffering from bone related sickness, just quit dairy products, and the affliction will also quit from your body.

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PS. *Butter, unlike other dairy products is not acid-forming because butter contains little or no milk solids. It is neutral, being a fat rather than a protein.
Human body and animal body use amino acids, not protein, to make it's own protein. Amino acids are freely available from plants kingdom,such as herbs, ripe fruits, vegetables, sprouts, reeds ,etc.

It is never too late or too early to revise and be wise again for the rest of our journey.......

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Rina said...

This was very helpful... You do a great job. Thanks a lot.

aam said...

thank you for such a good work, this is an eye opener for daily product users.

Karaete said...

thank you for such a good work, this is an eye opener for all dairy products users.

david.parker said...

I hate reading articles like this. Cut back on sugar in your diet to reduce magnesium excretion and eat nuts and grains that are high in magnesium so you start to make use of the calcium you ingest.
Stop scaring people with garbage and give helpful solutions.

David Moss said...

"Human body and animal body use amino acids, not protein, to make it's own protein."

But protein IS amino acids... just go to your basic reference text of choice. From the first sentence of the wikipedia article on protein:
"Proteins are biochemical compounds consisting of one or more polypeptides... A polypeptide is a single linear polymer chain of amino acids..."

"Amino acids are freely available from plants kingdom,such as herbs, ripe fruits, vegetables, sprouts, reeds ,etc."
Some plants do contain some amino acids (if and only if and insofar that they contain some protein), but rarely very much and rarely a complete array of amino acids. The selection of amino acids is important, because as you note protein is not generic, the body needs specific (essential) amino acids, not just a few (as commonly found in plant foods). Check the nutritional details for most of the plant foods listed above and few will contain significant amounts of protein and even fewer will contain complete arrays of amino acids.

I thought the general points about calcium excess were quite good.