Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continuos Walking has Cumulative Effect

The direct connection between muscle activity and stimulation of the human body hormone-sensitive lipase was discovered in Sweden. We wish Singapore SAF also care to learn from here. Any body know the Singapore Minister of Defence e-mail address can forward this interesting finding to him for his reconsideration.Thanks.

A few years ago, the Swedish army did a field test on a company of soldiers that was taken on a three-week march. At repeated intervals, blood samples were taken and various tests were done to monitor the impact of marching on the body physiology of the soldiers. They discovered that after an hour's march, the same hormone-sensitive lipase became active and stayed in the circulation for no less than twelve(12)hours. They also discovered that continuous walking had a cumulative effect ; the activity of the enzyme-lipase could be measured around the clock and in a much pronounced way.

In effect, the outcome of this experiment indicates that two sessions of daily walks would program the human body into a round-the-clock (24 hours) fat-burning mode. Thus, walking should always be a part of any weight-loss program. Together with water protocol based on solvent paradigm and one hour of walking in the morning and another hour of walking in the cool evening is an effective natural and dramatic weight-reduction program and scientific method to keep every common person/soldier healthy and rugged.
One Success Story of how water was effective in a weight reduction program.

Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj,

For most of my life, I have been overweight. Every family has "fat child" and this was me. I was told that I was just "big boned" and I should be content with who I was. Then I heard about The water Cure. I was skeptical at first, because how could drinking iced tea and cola be such a problem ? But I thought that all I really had to lose was my weight. Over a period of a year and a half, I have lost approximately 100 pounds and am no longer the "fat kid" that everyone knew.

But besides losing weight, I have noticed that acid reflux, which had been a major part of my life, was also now gone. I could now enjoy foods that previously had brought me nothing but sickness. I have also noticed that I no longer get ear infections that also seemed commonplace and inevitable problems of life to me at one time.

I also have more energy and feel as if I have become a whole new person. I have energy to do things that would have easily worn me out previously.

Thank you Dr. Batman for helping me!

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Its ME said...

Saturday, July 16, 2011
Walk along Railway Track

My supporters will be meeting me at Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre (near the intersection of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Jalan Jurong Kechil) at about 8 AM on Sunday to have breakfast together.
After breakfast, we will then proceed to walk along the railway line (parts near Hindhede Walk, and Upper Bukit Timah Road).

Our final destination will be at the Rail Mall, estimated to reach at about 10 AM. The route is estimated to be about 2.4km long.
Look forward to have more people to join us.

Reminder: please wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing; bring a cap/hat/umbrella along too!