Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our own WISH to bless ...

others whose lives are underprivileged and WISH to help them to regain their own human right health is here:

Water Initiative for Securing Health
265 Serangoon Central Drive #02-275, Singapore 550265. Tel: +65 6285 9830, email : ,

Wish to help WISH! Please contact WISH today to find out how you can do your part.

WISH was set up in year 2005 by Dr Adrian Yeo. Then, Dr Adrian Yeo was a PhD candidate under the Temasek Program for Sustainable Water, working on a thesis in water production using membrane technology. Dr Adrian Yeo invented a simple membrane-based water filtration device weighing about 15 kilograms which can produce 25 to 30 times its own volume of safe and clean water daily. This simple device does not require electricity to operate and is portable so that it can be use in any disaster area during emergency and is easy to operate.

So far, WISH is the only Non-Governmental organisation in Singapore focusing on water problems in Asia. To date, WISH helped 155 water filtration in Aceh,Indonesia and one system in Cambodia. WISH also provides the infrastructure like water pipes and maintenance support to ensure that clean and safe water solution is sustainable on a long term basis. Young and old volunteers are most welcome to WISH . Call WISH today. Thanks again for your time and help and compassion.

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