Sunday, June 8, 2008

H2O is the source to healing body.

Pay attention to your body signals and you will become attuned to your body's need.
Your most praiseworthy health habits arise from being in harmony with your body.

What is the best kind of water to drink?
That's easy --PURE WATER!
If there's anything everyone wants, it is pure water. Of course fresh air is first element of health. No one wants impure water, yet most people drink anything but pure water. Pure water is purely water, only water, and nothing but water. You have seen water referred to by its chemical formula, H2O. It means water is make up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom joined together by some electromagnetic force and that's all! Anything in water other than these two components actually contaminates it.
We can easily judge the quality of water from its colour before we drink it. In general, at least. Pure is crystal-translucent, while the darker the shades is, the more contaminated it is. Simple.

Most people in this country drink the water that is most easily available to them --commercial, "purified" tap water. Few are aware of the many impurities and poisons that may be in the water they are drinking. Most people drink tap water without giving it a second thought, but anyone who carefully considers tap water and its contaminants will be unlikely to continue to drink it. Besides numerous chemicals added to the water supply line at the purification plant, water travels through an intricate web of pipelines usually picks up metallic poisons. In addition, as a result of our continual disregard to the delicate balance of our environment, almost all of the water on earth contain chemical pollutants. DDT has even been found in the far reaches of the North Pole.

Tap water these days is more like soup, a chemical soup. Among the pollutants are soap, wood pulp, oil, sulfuric acid, copper, arsenic, paint,pesticides, radioactive wastes, agricultural fertilizers, and chemicals from industries too numerous to mention.

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