Sunday, July 20, 2008

Means to Increase Body Immune System

Gratitude leads to devotion, resulting in compassion that flows naturally from the heart as profound healing.

Begins with the practice of appreciation, which can open you to receive good things.

You can control your stress level on daily basis. Control Your Stress level on Daily Basis is simple means to increase Body Immune System. Stressful and distressing life events and emotional distress impair your own body immune function, increasing susceptibility to colds sores due to herpes virus infection.

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On the other hand, a sensible program of daily relaxation and stress management through correct re hydration (drinking water) and using natural sea-salt in diet has been shown to reduce the frequency of herpes infection. It does appear clearly that the diaita(diet)of modern citizens should include a daily period of quiet reflection, meditation on things that encourages health, or prayers, as well as a daily period of walking or simple body physical exercise, for personal body optimum immunity.

1.Get enough sleep at night so that you can awaken in the morning without an alarm clock. The shocking-loud-alarm effect is distressing the body-vibration-senses in the long run.

2.Follow a diet of high nutrient density. Eat saponin-rich vegetables like soybeans(NON-GENETIC MODIFIED), CHICKPEAS, BEAN SPROUTS, TOMATOES, POTATOES (non-fried) and oats, and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins (spark plugs for enzymes) A and C like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Natural fatty acids is fine, but avoid foods with added fats, trans-fat. Overheated fatty acids turn into trans-fat, like fried food.

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