Friday, July 18, 2008

Urine contains ....

the following substances depend on your diet: Urea(50%);Phosphoric acid(13%); Potassium (12%); Chlorine(13%); Sodium(12%). Urine is 94 to 96 percent water. Water deficiency in your body (another word is dehydration) will cause your body rationing and recycle activation, which cause the higher concentration of waste substances and a reduction of water percentage, hence your urine color turns yellow.

"Urine Production-Journey" : Kidney's major Roles depend on Water Level.

Your kidneys, two organs about the size of your own fists, are located on each side of your spine behind your stomach. Your right kidney sits below your liver and, as a result, is slightly lower than your left kidney. The size of your stomach when it is empty is about your two fists put together, but it's volume can be expanded (or 'force feeding') to 80 times of its 'empty volume'. That is the reason those people can eat-all-you-can at food buffet. Go easy with your organs, to enjoy much more.

Your bean-shaped kidneys work hard, filtering wastes out of your blood. Your kidneys clean your body's entire volume of blood about 240 times a day (24 hours cycle) - a total of roughly 1,800 litres is cleaned daily. With these figures we can see the importance of correct re hydration , i.e. drinking sufficient water with relative to one's own body weight and daily activities. This helps to balance your body's chemistry.

Your kidneys receive blood through the renal arteries, short, high-pressure links to your heart that deliver more than a litre of blood per minute. There are about one million of tiny filter-structures (nephrons) in each kidney. Much of the liquid is reabsorbed into the bloodstream after passing through a cup like structure known as Bowman's capsule and reaching tubes called uriniferous tubules. About 1 percent of the liquid reaching the tubules is not useful for your body, however, and is sent to your bladder a urine.

Nephrons filter wastes from blood, leaving behind many substances useful to your body, such as glucose and certain organic minerals. As the cleaned blood moves through the renal tubules, much of it is reabsorbed by the arterioles. This filtered/cleaned blood is sent back to your heart for circulation around your body.
Filtered blood then leave through the renal veins.

Urine travels through the ureter to your bladder, where it is stored until it is excreted through the urethra. Concentrated color and 'smelly' urine is a sign your body is dehydrated.

Hear advice and accept instruction, that you may be wise the rest of your days. Drink water wisely, and save your kidneys life. It is never too late to revise.

WARNING! If you are one of those coffee/caffeinated drinkers who drink 7 or 8 cups/glasses of coffee or tea a day, give serious consideration to owning your own dialysis machine. Whether it is decaffeinated version or not, it is still acid-forming - that's the problem.

It takes one cup of coffee or tea 24 hours to pass through your kidneys and urinary tract. More than one cup in a 24-hour period places an EXTREMELY HEAVY BURDEN on these delicate organs of yours.

Coffee consumed with food forces the food to leave your stomach prematurely and also slows down the motility of the intestines. Small intestine, 5.5 to 7 metres long. If flattened out, the villus-lining would cover about 4,500 square metres, roughly the area of an American football field. The large intestine is about 1.5 metres long. The entire digestive process, from eating (via mouth) to excreting (via anus), usually takes between 12 and 24 hours, except for 'food poisoning' which uses 'express-lane'.

Undigested food in a slowly functioning intestinal tract is MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO CONSTIPATION. The caustic effect of coffee is what causes your intestines to move food through rapidly for some people. The coffee itself takes 24 hours to be processed out through your kidneys (if they are still in functioning condition). All of this is not presented or shared in an attempt to scare you into giving up coffee and tea, but rather to help you become more AWARE of what effect these beverages have on your present body's health and to what extent they either assist or prevent successful wealthy and meaningful living. What is most important is direction. Will you be lost?

If it is simply a hot drink you want in the morning, try hot water and lemon juice. This is a satisfying beverage and the lemon, unlike other fruits, contains no sugar and will not ferment in the hot water.

Share this simple formula with everyone we know, soon those National Kidney Foundations in the world will close shop, due to , own healthy kidneys.

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