Thursday, July 10, 2008

"I was so healthy.

Why did I get sick?" Unable to answer her question, I turned away, tears in my eyes. I had no answers for her. neither could I offer any help. It was especially painful to see someone dying , because this woman was my mother."- Dr Arnold Fox. M.D.

Many people never thought about health or illness. Health was and is something you took for granted -- until you lost it. We need others to help us 'find' our first health to live normal. Yes, help me find health, not the disease(s).

Wet Your Whistle with a 'Liquid Super Food'
Be good to your body. Give and replenish it daily. Not coffee or soda or hot/cold chocolate or beverages, but water.

Men's bodies are approximately 60 percent water; women's are about 50 percent water. Our human bloodstream is watery; our cells, trillion of them are filled with and surrounded by water; our muscles contain plenty of water, and our brain has even more. Even our hard, solid bones are full of water.

We lose a lot of our water every day: in urine, feces and sweat. A little more water is lost with the air we exhale.

A person can live 100 or more days without eating, but only five (5) to ten (10) days without replenishing the human body's supply of water. Every thing in creation has its own specification and limitation.

So, pure water is an excellent Super Food. Water has no fat, cholesterol or calories - just the H2O your human body's supply of water.

Every day, every 90 minute interval, drink at least 10% of your own daily water-quota, which is calculated by multiplying 31.42 ml with your present body weight (in kilogram); and ensure your diet has 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt for every 1250 ml water. This is for normal re hydration under normal condition.

Today we have been taught to us by painful experience. We are learning that personal health is a treasure and capital to be guarded and invested prudently, respectively, a single precious flower to nurture and protect. The good gardener is rewarded with a wonderful harvest of health and happiness.

Ironically, we can thank disease for forcing us to focus our attention on health.

We have seen scares come and go. Fears of tuberculosis and polio were replaced by fright over heart disease and cancer. A new scourge, herpes, came into the picture in the early 1980s. Herpes hysteria had hardly settled down before it was nearly swept aside by the panic over AIDS (Acquired Immune-Deficiency Syndrome) and other immune-system diseases. New diseases seem to be popping out of thin air. Some of these diseases we learn to cure. Others we have not - not yet, anyway.

"I am so healthy. What's going to get me?" you wonder. A heart attack? Cancer? A stroke? Diabetes? back pain? Will I be crippled by arthritis or made helpless by Alzheimer's disease? Will I wind up in a hospital or a rehab home, or a hospice, unable to care for myself?

Some people find it beyond their means to regularly re hydrate their bodies promptly. Their reason or excuse, "You must be a very disciplined person to do that!". Well, the choice has to be made now. Either we discipline ourselves or we pay others to 'discipline' us in hospital. The price we have to pay by then is expensive and hurting, both to our finance and family.

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