Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cell-Level Healing

So, what about those cells? Is there love after the laboratory?

Certainly ,after all, physical health begins in our cells. Likewise, healing must touch the cells, because illness also begins at the cellular level.

Did you know that individual cells seldom get completely sick all at once? Simple practices can help you support injured cells on the road to recovery.

Jerry,was a construction worker with a new diagnosis of multi sclerosis (MS). He had lost most of the strength in his dominant hand and could no longer wield a hammer or steady a nail driver. The vision in his right eye was blurred from time to time, and the unreliability of simple physical functions, such as sight and arm strength, frustrated him. We began healing work together, and within two(2) weeks his vision was normal. Several months later, Jerry arrived at my office carrying a heavy jug of water in his right hand. He thrust it into my face with a HUGE GRIN OF DELIGHT :) Three(3) months earlier, he had not been able to hold an orange in that hand. Both his eyes and the nerve cells in his body had healed.

The more you know about your body - and the cells of your body - the more you will appreciate how truly precious and sacred all life is.

Rather than struggle against the body and our sojourn here on earth, the body can be experienced as a sacred temple of the spirit and an expression of consciousness. This knowledge is the first step toward a life of fullness and oneness of spirit and physical existence - a seamless connection from Soul to Cell.-Joyce Whiteley Hawkes,Ph.D.


Yellowfruit said...

Nice story. You should write book about health.

Its ME said...

There are already phetora of health books in the market. Some are factual and true, but most are merely motivated by $$$$$$.

In the true spirit of "healthy care", $$$$$ cannot be motivation.

Glad you comment and good suggestion. Thanks.
Keep it up for a better healthy wealth. Share freely whatever we have freely received. That's the real joy of sharing on blogsite. Bye!