Monday, July 21, 2008

A Work of Art and Science is...

each patient or person. Yes, you are one of us, humankind.

Each patient/person is a work of art and science.

Disease theory has no logical relation to person -- you see, in 'disease theory' it does not matter what person has the disease -- therefore, the common complaint that patients are overlooked in the treatment of their diseases is another way of stating that in the intellectual basis of modern medicine patients and their diseases are not logically related .

The treatment of "disease" without regard to the persons they afflict has brought clinical medicine to a crisis of confidence as great as the one it faced 100 years ago. Others have expressed dismay at the inadequacy of current clinical practice. Others have attacked its excesses. The inappropriate use of drugs, for example, accounts for well over half the episodes of cardiac (heart) arrest that occur in the hospitals and medical centers.

In most cases, clinical errors occur because of therapeutic mistakes by doctors (iatrogenic) who overlooked the individual characteristics of the patient being treated.

Many studies on iatrogenic (doctor-caused) injuries concluded that 180,000 citizens are killed in hospitals by their doctors every year, because of professional mistakes.

Disease theory has outlived its usefulness. Any regulated health care system that relies on rigid protocols for the treatment of disease will trample the individual needs of sick citizens. The only way out of the crisis which is worsen daily, is for the individual -- not the disease entity -- to become the FOCUS OF CARE. physicians must be trained to understand the kaleidoscope model of health. Patient must audit the doctor's currency and up-to-date knowledge in the treatment offered. Though a patient is sick, but he/she is still a CUSTOMER; NEVER LET THE SYSTEM TURNS YOU INTO A consumer!

Generalist physicians (GPs) must become passionate experts at reinforcing the Pillars Of Healing (POH): They must create a healing relationship with their patients (not mercenary-relationship)with the patients and in analyzing each person's diata (diet), counseling individual changes; they must be able to instruct patients in establishing a healthful environment and understand the intricate chemistry of body detoxification, so that the treatments support the patients' body's processes of repair, rather than hinder them. Not just delegate these duties to nurses or assistants. The consultation fees must be proportionate to the time spent with the patient, personally.

This must become the standard of care, for individual practitioners, for managed care organizations, and for regulatory agencies. These endeavours will not fully replace crisis management, surgery, or the use of drugs. But, they will DECREASE the need for expensive and invasive treatments, decrease the frequency and severity of complications when such treatments are employed, and improve the overall effectiveness of person care.

CONVENTIONAL! TRADITION ! Conventional, disease-oriental medicine does not meet the present citizens' needs.

Conventional medicine is too often impersonal, ineffective, or dangerous. Any of you or your family members suffered under the conventional medicine before? This direction is contrary to the 'calling of true health restoring' care.

As a whole, alternative medical therapies rest on the concept that illness results from imbalance or disharmony. Supporting the patient body's capacity for healing by restoring "balance" within is their ultimate therapeutic goal.

This natural perspective MUST be in the practice of medicine and must guide the application of any medical science to the care of patients. Fulfilling that mission is the purpose of this Healthy Wealth blogsite. Let your doctor, GP or specialist know too.

The power to initiate change for the better lies within you and me, that is, us. It begins with your taking an active role/proactive in maintaining and promoting your own health.

Whatever you age or your present state of health, these five(5) steps, you can take immediately, to begin the process of better health enhancement and family wealth maintenance. They are:

1.Eat consciously. Ignore latest dietary fads. Nutrient density is the key to healthy eating. Spice your meals liberally with garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary.

2.Get enough physical exercise. Not excess. A total of 2 hours of walking (minimum) each day is best. Each minute of walking will activate the natural fat-burning enzyme in your system for the next 12 minutes. Cool. So 2 hours of walking per day, you have 24 hours natural fat-burning enzyme activation, even while you are sleeping. That's the farmers' secret to strong and able body.

3.Explore meditation. A period of quiet contemplation, prayer, or deep relaxation, stillness once a day improves your immune function and has remarkable recuperative power within.

4.Create a safe home. Body friendly home is peaceful and welcome to all family members. Then turn your attention to the safety of your work environment and your children's (if any) school/child care center safety.

5.Avoid drugs that disrupt your body's natural ability to heal itself. So-called latest 'wonder' drugs inclusive. Simple logic: when your body is not sick, you never use drug, then when the body's immune system is sick, why use drug(s) to further weaken the 'doctor within'.Conventional medicine thinking, obviously. Streets drugs and tobacco, whether legalised/illegal have no redeeming qualities. Drugs that lower stomach acid increase your risk of intestinal infection.

Alcohol and aspirin appear to have a two-tier effect on human body health. Very low doses may be beneficial; higher doses are potentially harmful, damaging the lining of your stomach and intestine, increasing the entry of intestinal toxins into your liver. Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

Antibiotics are the most important drugs ever develop, but their overuse had tragic consequences; it destroys your body's friendly flora and contributes to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Strategy to avoiding antacids, excessive use of pain relievers as aspirin, pain-killer pills, and unneeded antibiotics is to use water-cure protocol. Water cure many disease sign/symptoms, while drugs kill all living organism. Peptic ulcer patient is recommended to drink a glass of water every hour until the pain is gone. Your stomach lining integrity and structure thickness is directly proportionate to the amount of water you drink every day. Keep to your own water quota, formula can be found in previous posts in this blog.

Friend, implementing these five steps will do more than improve your health, well-being and indirectly your wealth. It will equip you to change the nature of the medical care you presently receive. Health care can only change for the better if you, the person/ patient, are an an active participant, proactively in setting priorities for your own care.

Taking charge of your own behaviour empowers you to assume a collaborative relationship with your doctor. Yes, make the doctor you're consulting be your "doctor". inform your doctor of the steps you are taking to improve your health and wealth. Present your goals and expectations. Request the informations that you need. You have the liberty to know all there is needed to know about your present health condition. All doctors should be able to explain your condition in the simple layman's term to you, not heavily jargonized.

If you are sick, explain the ways in which your illnesss has changed your life; express your feeling about the illness, and EXPECT that your doctor will listen, acknowledge you, and treat you with RESPECT. No one is too small to be heard. Though you may be 'sick', you are still a COMPACT PERSON, not a corpse, yet. If your requests are not met with respect, change doctors and register your dissatisfaction with the managed care organisation that employs or contracts with the doctor. The Ministry of Health can also help you. You deserve the best and effective treatment available.

The foremost demand of patients/person is for health care that addresses their personal needs, not the disease-care. That demand often remains unfulfilled, due to the concepts that underlie modern medicine are concepts of disease, not of person.

Each Patient/Person Is A Work Of Art And Science. Patient-centered diagnosis allows the person who is sick to be the CENTER of health care. It see through the obsolete notion that disease entities can exist in and of themselves. It unites science and humanism, allowing the power of real science to consistently support the artistry of personal health care. It allows us to see, with the tools of true science, that each patient/person is a work of art. A divine art in fact.

Doctor's primary "calling" is to customise the correct treatment to restore the person's well being, not generalise the disease.

You can print out this post and share with your doctor / friend.

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