Friday, April 10, 2009

KOMBUCHA ! drink products...

You Are Wasting Money Buying Kombucha!

There Are Just Two Types of Kombucha Tea Drinkers:

Those Who Drink the 100% Natural, PROPERLY MADE Kombucha Tea and Experience “The Buzz”

Those Who Drink Store Bought Kombucha Tea and Experience “The Crash” and a lighter wallet

Kombucha Tea is unlike any other tea out there—in fact, the secret to Kombucha’s healing and revitalizing powers is not a tea leaf—it’s a culture! An original batch of sweetened green or black tea is transformed by the Kombucha living culture. Sugar is added to help stimulate fermentation. After several days, the original nutrients like caffeine and sugar are transformed into a lightly carbonated “super tea” filled with beneficial organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

These nutrients were not present before the Kombucha culture was added and they only appear in the right concentrations when the fermentation process is complete.

The result is “the buzz” — a rejuvenation of the mind and body combined with along-lasting boost of sustained energy. When this “Ancient Elixir” is made properly, most of the caffeine and sugar is transformed during the fermentation process so there isn’t the “crash” common to most energy drinks and caffeinated beverages.

But You Won’t Find This “Ancient Elixir”
On The Shelves Of Your Health Food Store…

Unfortunately, most of the Kombucha Tea sold in health food stores is high in caffeine and sugar for one simple reason: money. It takes more time for the Kombucha Tea to ferment properly which would naturally lower the caffeine and sugar levels. But to save money while still providing the short term energy increase, Kombucha Tea makers shorten the fermentation process which is why their products are loaded with caffeine and sugar. Since kombucha is a living organism it needs to be given the right environment before and AFTER to sustain it’s nutritional benefits.

For a healthy body, it is essential we consume products that contain “active” or “live” cultures to reap the benefits of the fermentation process and, thus, the probiotic.

These money-saving short cuts all add up to one thing: An expensive “all-natural” energy drink sold in high-end health food stores that still makes you “crash” just like those expensive energy drinks sold in convenience stores! This “commercial grade” Kombucha Tea is loaded with too much caffeine and sugar while missing the beneficial vitamins, minerals, acids, and nutrients—it’s NOT the Ancient Elixir.

Don’t pay energy drink prices for commercial grade Kombucha Tea from the health food stores that will only make you crash…


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