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How Dehydration starts body diseases?

Reduction Of Thirst Sensation.

The human body has an ability to adapt to some hardship. Low food intake and temporary shortage of water in the body seem to invoke an adaptive process. The essential functions of the human body are managed until we have access to food and water.

In this process, the sensation of thirst can be confused with the feeling of hunger, because both sensations are similar in the way they register - they stem from low energy levels in the brain. This is one of the main contributing factors in the development of obesity in the young and the old. They mistakenly eat food to satisfy their thirst sensation.

They seem to respond to both natural calls - thirst and hunger - as if they are only hungry. They, do not know better, begin to eat until the thirst sensation gathers greater strength as a result of the additional load of solid food within the system, and only then do they drink some water, alas, many are drinking coke, or soda,or coffee, or canned drinks during meal time, which only lead to the end results of more acidic and dehydration state later. This type of thirst satisfactions is not enough for the urgent needs of the body, but is just enough to fall inside the body's limit of temporary adaptation to water shortage.

In this way, the water shortage in the human body becomes a steadily expanding chronic state, and new thresholds of adaptation are forced on the body. This process results in a slowly deteriorating loss of thirst sensation, so much so that the need for regular water intake as a sensation gradually becomes forgotten.

DO NOT TAKE ANY ANTI HISTAMINE DRUGS! Why? if you ask. By the way if your doctor disagree with this warning, ask the same doctor, whether the glass of water or the pills is actually doing the real work in the dehydrated body. You can share with the doctor about water-cure protocol formula or

Histamine can act as temporary substitute for water by releasing energy for some extremely sensitive body functions, like respiration. In this way, the human body can survive some dehydration. Observe this event during the fasting month,Muslim's month of Ramadan, the followers cease eating and drinking any thing from sunrise till sunset, estimated to be about twelve hours.

It seems the human body begins to rely on the emergency functions of histamine and allow dehydration to continue. Still, no matter how useful the possession of these emergency powers, dehydration is damaging to some less-used functions of the human body. Gradually establishing chronic dehydration produces constant changes, initially in the physiology and eventually in the chemistry of the body. The human body begins to survive on the constant verge of failure.

The histamine-operated centers of the brain seem to recognize the levels of water that enter the body. (The tongue is sensitive to both the taste and nano-weight of food and water. Your finger tip fail to sense one hair which your tongue can easily sense it. Water molecule, hydrogen 2 & oxygen 1, is 1 nanometre in size; hydrogen atom is 0.1 nanometre in size. Typically, an atomic radius is measured in nanometres [1/1,000,000,000 of a metre])If sufficient water enters the human body, the active histamine centers gradually become disengaged from their full-time responsibility as water regulators. The engagement of histamine in drought management and its substitution for some energy-transforming functions of water decrease and are eventually phased out. It seems that the human body begins to realize there is no water shortage and becomes more alert to and conscious of its call for water - it begins to understand and manifest thirst. It seems to me that the loss of the thirst sensation is an adaptive process to false information that water is not available because we don't drink water it. Not enough water.

If the human body is once again conditioned to regular and adequate water intake, daily, however, the thirst sensation becomes sharp and the urge to drink water becomes strong. Just like new born babies, which cries for water not regarding the time of the day or night. Just a suck or two of water satisfy their small size bodies. Remember every one (1) kilogram of body weight, need 31.42 ml of water, daily. Keep the air-conditioned room within 25 degree to prevent dry-evaporation respiration.

The body begins to indicate water shortage more forcefully. The rehydration of the cells takes place slowly. The cells of the body are just like sponges - they get soaked slowly. Please do not imagine the human body will become optimally hydrated after just the first glass or two of water drinking. The water that is taken will not immediately enter all the cells. Upon regular and adequate intake of water, the process of full hydration of the cells will take a few days.

The water volume inside and outside the cells of the body needs to be in balance. Remember that salt (sodium) regulates the water levels outside the cells. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium are the vital minerals that balance the water volume inside the cells. These minerals are found plenty and in harmony proportion in all fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Eat them every day, and you need not any supplements.

Dr David McCurron of the Department of Nephrology at Oregon Health Science University, Portland, found that with adequate daily intake of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, not only will salt (sodium) not raise blood pressure, it might actually lower it. Alas, not many doctors in our country know about this fact, hence, they just ignorantly advised patients with high blood pressure to cut down salt intake in their daily diet, which is counter-productive.

Additional information we need to remember is that five(5) elements - water, salt,potassium, magnesium, and calcium - are involved in energy regulation inside the cells. Water drives the sodium potassium pump protein and manufactures hydroelectricity. When any athlete's body is lack of salt, he/she will experience muscle cramps. This hydro-electricity is used for immediate needs, and the excess of it is converted to usable stored energy for emergency use. Calcium is bonded to other calcium in bones and in the endoplasmic reticulum inside the cells. Osteoporosis is due to prolonged dehydration and the body self-sacrifice the bone calcium for survival, hence we see Dowager's Hump (exaggerated kyphosis). Furthermore, not everyone who develops the classic dowager's hump has vertebral osteoporosis. Some of this abnormal posture probably relates to other degenerative diseases. And dehydration always starts body degenerative process, long before most doctors can pick up its sign to give it a label or name it, as disease. They are not genetic inherited disease, but non-water-drinking lifestyle dis-ease leading to established diseases.

Each bonded calcium atom traps one unit of energy that can be reused if necessary. Magnesium traps many units of energy in the form of magnesium ATP.

As you can see, the mystery of essential hypertension , asthma, allergies, and many other self-inflicted dehydration dis-ease(s) is solved. It is superflous to remind people where and what to eat in order to have enough amount of these five basic elements: fresh raisins, potatoes, avocados, lima, beans, peas, tomatoes,cauliflower, bananas, wholesome wheat, oranges, grapefruits, apricots, eggs, etc.
Also iodine is very important element for the regulation of the fluid content of the human body. It is vital for good health and good fluid balance.Iodine is essential for the thyroid gland to manufacture thyroxin, its primary hormone. Thyroxin is the element that stimulates the cells to manufacture all the pump proteins that regulate the sodium, potassium, and other mineral balances outside and inside the cells, and that generate energy in the process.

With the movement of sodium and potassium across the cell membrane, not only will water also move to balance the osmotic pressure in and out of the cell, but the other mineral-transferring pumps will take their cue and regulate the magnesium, potassium, and calcium levels of the cell interior as well. Now we know better, it is WATER that started it all for energy generation in the body cells, and not just those minerals per se, so I hope you be wiser now and no longer be duped into buying and swallowing more mineral-supplements in order to be healthy wealth again.

Only when we realize what damage dehydration can cause will we take seriously the need for strict adherence to hydrating (drinking water for) the body regularly and well. The quantity and timing of water daily intake is very important.

Everyone knows water is essential. What is not fully realized is what happens when the human body is not provided with adequate water on regular basis. Also, what is meant by the "the body begins to survive on the constant verge of failure"?

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