Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weight Loss; Blood Pressure:

It is a pleasure to sit down and chronicle the effects that this lifestyle change has meant to me both professionally and personally. On a professionally basis, I was asked by AWANE Executive Director to listen to a tape called Your Bodies's Many Cries for Water.

The tape immediately created a desire for me to adopt its suggestions. I began this lifestyle change on June 10 and began drinking much more water daily. Since that start date, I have
*Lost 46 lbs
*Blood pressure at normal - no meds needed
*Skin elasticity has returned
*Athlete's foot cured
*Asthma medication reduced
*Pain in lower back eliminated
*Foot pain eliminated
*Diabetes symptoms gone

I have eliminated the diuretics mentioned in the book and have lost a taste or craving for those products.

Yours truly,

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