Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Warning: It is true

that water is a medication in so many health problems of the human body, but too much water is just as dangerous as too much of any medication. Just use the simple water-cure protocol formula as found in previous postings here.

Dear respected reader, please do not try to reverse the serious problem of persistent and well-established dehydration of the body in one or two days. That will not help the body to regain it's proper hydration and health, either. The human body is the most complex chemical plant and physiological organism that needs time, and some additional primary ingredients to achieve its prior normal state once again. The human body is not like a car, the gas tank of which you can fill up without having to worry for the next few hundred miles.

You need to understand the way the human body works. Many citizens had just pass their human body-car to the general practitioner-doctor-car-mechanic and suffered the beyond repair conditions and worsen the malfunctions of other systems, instead of reversing the initial problems. This is the reason you need to read more and self-educate on the subject. This blog,Healthy Wealthhttp://theinnozablog.blogspot.com is intended and dedicated to show you the possibilities.

To achieve these possibilities for yourself and become your own healer, you need to read my other postings and other recommended references/links. They will show you how to tap into the new fountain of present knowledge about water in order to simply and naturally achieve vibrant health and a blessed longer, more productive and joyful life. All good things are possible, when you believe it is possible. First, a thought, the the word expressed , then the deeds.

For God's sake, if you are presently on any medication, do not cut out your serious medications without sufficient caution and consultation with your physician, even if s/he is in the opposite camp. Many doctors initially disregard the water-cure protocol formula, until they experienced it themselves. You need to coax him/her to read about and understand what dehydration is. Dehydration is different from thirsty; the former happened first ,then the latter is felt.

Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get. Get wisdom and understanding in all your getting. There is only one small letter between the words CAN and CAN'T ...and that one letter will TOTALLY change your destiny. For life is a succession of lessons which we must be lived to be understood. And the best way, to my discovery, to become acquainted with a subject,like health and wealth, is to write and share about it, hence you are reading and enjoying this humble Healthy Wealth blog again.

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