Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shortness of Breath : water cure protocol

Note: I always leave the name of doctors , whose letters I use, in the text in case potential patients could contact them for help in their own case. After all, that is what doctors are about. Here is one such letter:

Shortness of Breath:

Once in a blue moon one comes across a really revolutionary book. It happens so seldom that those moments stand out as highlights. Your book Your Body's Many Cries for Water is such a book and moreover I finally know to whom I thank you for recovery. This of course sounds strange so I will tell you.

In the summer of 1993 I was on vacation with my wife in Spain. On a hot day we went to the beach and paddled around in our rubber boat, that is to say, I paddled and my wife sat enjoying the water. Afterwards on the hottest moment of the day we climbed the steep rocky path back to our car and there and then my breath left me. I was 68 at the time so I was not too astonished but the strange thing was, that my breath did not return. Ten days later we came back from that holiday and my breath was still somewhere on that rocky path. At least it did not come home with me. I resumed my practice and still I was out of breath. I had X rays taken as I had treated a woman with an open T.B., but showed nothing.

When in the fall, my breath still had not come back, I really began to worry. Then a good friend of mine, a doctor in New York gave me a telephone call and he asked me "You talk differently, what is the matter with your breath?" I told him about it and he said : "You did not drink enough water, you're the victim of bronchial constriction and this is caused by your body trying to save your water supplies." I had never heard that one before, but I took his advice and began to drink 8 glasses of water a day and in one week all my breathlessness had evaporated as if it had never been there. Since then I realized that in my youth I drank a lot of water but somewhere along the road I had lost the habit, so I began to drink more pure water (as my friend had stressed).

Everything went well until winter. It was extremely cold in December, and I just stopped drinking all that cold water for a while. This happened to coincide with rather a strenuous dental repair, which was rather painful and suddenly I developed gastritis, with a tongue as white as snow. I suddenly remembered that my New York friend had told me that another pathway the human body chose to stop losing water was by closing the pylorus. I straight away started drinking 8 glasses of water again (happily the cold had lessened considerably) and within four days my stomach was healed, much to the surprise of a young colleague who worked with me at that moment and who never had heard of a gastritis healing so fast.

You asked for corroboration evidence, so this is why I send you this lengthy letter. I have been a medical practitioner for 27 years and after that (since 1981) I left general practice and now I am a consultant on allergy, food and chemical intolerances and holistic treatment of cancer. I have already used the water treatment for asthma in my extensive children's practice (half of my patients are under ten years old) and i definitely see results. So I can say from personal experience, both on myself and in my practice, that I can affirm what you have found. I will try to get your book printed in the Netherlands.

If ever you find time to s=write me back: There is a furious discussion going on in my doctors' group. One half says: No water in cancer patients, only fruit and vegetable juices. I belong to those who are saying : lots of pure water! I know that you will agree with me, but it would be nice if you affirm my knowledge.
Another thing is, you mention bulimia as one of the illnesses related to dehydration, but what about anorexia nervosa?
Finally, eczema is not only on the increase, but it becomes more and more resistant to anti-allergic measures (which in my practice means finding out the offending foods and chemical substances, etc.). Is that possibly a case of dehydration too? The American way of life (cola, etc) becomes more popular all the time in my country.

I understand fully when you find no time to write me back, but in any case, I want to thank you for having written your wonderful book. You are a worthy representative of one of the oldest civilizations in the world.
With many good wishes,

Yours sincerely,
Hans C. Moolenburgh

PS: I am convinced that my New York friend must have heard about your work and so could help me straight away. Did not ask him at the time how he came by this knowledge.
I would never have suspected people in a wet country like ours(Netherlands) to suffer from dehydration. It never entered my mind.


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hirdy50 said...


I just had a good look at his article. In the past i have not really had any breathing problems, and i exercise every day.

The other day i was at the gym and after about an hour of both heavy running and weights i suddenly had shortness of breath racing, heart beat and was very light headed. i was drinking a bit of water at the gym.

I also wanted to note that the previous two days i was away on a feild trip, and was drinking beer on both nights. I cant remember drinking much water at all while on the field trip. Ijust wanted two know if dehydration may of had an effect?