Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can we?

Worldwide, every four(4) days human population rises by one(1) million. However Faustian, the trans-humanist (sometimes called post-human) movement's discussion is compelling in its lure of immortality and preter-natural power - and almost touching in its utopia faith that a machine could be made so perfect that it would transcend entropy.

Question: Is there any one who has ever built a machine that is aware of itself? : without being able to feel, a supercomputer might calculate rings around us, but still never be able to think about its place in the world.

There is a chasm between mere objects and life-forms.

A more fundamental flaw, though, is that no machine has performed indefinitely without human maintenance. Even stuff without moving parts breakdown, and self-repair programs crash.

Salvation, in the form of back up copies, could lead to a world of robots desperately trying to stay one clone up on the latest technology to which competitive knowledge was migrating - an all - consuming form of tail chasing that hearkens to the behaviour of monkeys, who undoubtedly have more funs.

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