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How Virus Attack Victim

70.Dr Bachrach had been using chemicals in the mid-1970s to fractionate viruses, or break them up into component protein pieces. He theorized that one or more of a virus's proteins might provide enough of a "signature" to fool an immune system into creating a response, triggering immune memory cells and thus providing protection from being subsequently infected by the real germ. Unfortunately, he forgot about the the parts separated do not behave the same as a wholesome synergy, hence his 'theory' fools himself and the world vaccine-users, but not the Mother Nature's immune system.

71.Vaccines, traditionally killed or weakened viruses that provided immunity, always left open the danger of reverting to virulence and causing disease to the host. Tamiflu vaccine/drug is such nature,***

72.But if an inanimate viral subunit vaccine could be designed, not only would it never revert to a virulence, but it would eliminate vaccine contaminants that sometimes caused harmful side effects.

***298 pages to read and learn the origin of "swine" flu.

Subject: Lab 257 - The origin of "swine" flu outbreak.
Date: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 7:37 AM

THE first microbiology work on exotic viruses at Plum Island was performed by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) men hired by the animal branch of the U.S. biological warfare program. Plum Island's first lab experiment was also another first - its first lab accident. I've often been asked why I decided to write about Plum Island. In the summer of 1992, as part of a ritual before picking up a friend from the Connecticut-to.New York ferry, I drove out to orient Point, the end of the narrow strip of rural land that lies on either side of Route 25. Abandoning my car at the end of the road, I hiked through a mile's worth of tall beach grass, making my way to the very tip of Long Island. I climbed a high rocky bluff that sloped off to a sandbar that stretched far into the water, until it stopped abruptly at ancient lighthouse that looked more like a cast-iron coffeepot than a warning beacon. Crouching on the bluff, I gazed at the waves from the Long Island Sound as they met the current of Gardiner's bay - the precipice of the great Atlantic Ocean - crashing together, spitting spindrift high into the air, and falling against the shore. Through the light haze, ten miles off to the north, was the long coastline of Connecticut; between us, the ferry slowly chugged its way toward me. Out past the lighthouse was a wide green landmass. It looked deserted except for a triggered a series of thoughts - rumours of biological warfare tests, news stories about deadly virus experiments, talk about Lyme disease being hatched there, stories about a man who worked on Plum Island and contracted some strange, undiagnosed ailment during a storm. But it doesn't make sense - it looks so pristine! What is happening out there? And why? The long white ferry charged into the foreground, sailing through Plum Gut, the deep, narrow strait between where I sat and Plum Island. As I returned to the car, I resolved to uncover one day exactly what Plum Island is. Those were my thoughts over a decade ago.............................

Since 1954, the ostensible mission of Plum Island's Animal Disease center has been to protect America's $100 billion livestock industry and defend it from foreign viruses, like the foot-and-mouth disease virus epidemic that ravaged Europe in 2001. After September 11, 2001, its mission returned to biological warfare. Michael Christopher Carroll spent seven years researching and writing LAB 257 . He is now general counsel of a New York-based finance company. He lives on Long Island and in New York City.

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This article may save your life if you have the flu.


Yellowfruit said...

That's right. It is best to figure things out on your own than trying to take a drug to solve the problem. Taking a pill can help and make it easy temporarily. But the problem will still be there. It's always best to do something important the hard way; that's the only way it can be fixed, really!

Its ME said...

Hi Yellowfruit, glad to read your insight here too, wish more innoncent people, espicially now there is a policy which 'force' all new born to be vaccinated. That's the greatest mistake in medical practice worldwide, for the immunity of the newborn is still in the development and not as yet complete to optimal level, and vaccination is just compromising the real mother nature way to fully perfect the newborn body immunesystems. hence we see mnay babies grow sick easily and some develop into "unexplanable" syndrome. Sadly, ignorant new parents just lost the newborn to the status quo policy and continue to suffer as the babies grow.....

Its ME said...

Try this link if interested why vaccine is not curing but in deeper physiology study, it help the virus(if infected) kill the victim faster.

Yellowfruit said...

Thanks! I'll check it out!