Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Diabetes Etiology


Diabetes is the end result of water deficiency in the brain, to the point that the brain's neurotransmitter systems, particularly the system that is regulated by the neurotransmitter serotonin, are affected. Please don't just supplement any deficient "element" from the result of clinical blood test and any diagnosis. Because most cases involved water deficiency and many patients had not been advised about correct water requirement intake daily and merely supplement any minerals/vitamins/micro-nutrients will not bring the body back to its harmony balance.

It is within the nature (automatic) design of the brain to peg up the glucose threshold so that it can maintain its own volume and energy requirements when there is a water shortage in the human body. When there is a gradually establishing chronic dehydration in the human body, the brain has to depend more on glucose as a source of energy. The human brain needs more glucose for its energy value and its metabolic conversion to water.

There are three significant inter-relational elements for energy production: water, salt and glucose. In lay men terms, these three are lifeline. When water deficiency occurs in the body, the salt is retained inside the body on purpose, because sodium can retain more water for recycle process, hence urine is concentrated and smelly, and constipation happens. But when water and salt are deficient (due to ignorant doctors who advised high blood pressure candidates to reduce salt but never inform them about increase water intake), the body automatically has to increase glucose to maintain the energy level for daily functions. The remedy is to increase water intake ( body weight x 32.53 = ml water intake per day* , every 90 minute interval drink 10 per cent of water* per dose, and use 1/4 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt (not table salt) for every 1250 ml of water in diet, daily. Put pinch of sea salt on the tongue and let it melt in the mouth first prior drinking the 10% water per dose.

Under the urgent circumstances produced by stress, up to 85 percent of the supplemental energy requirement by the human brain is provided by sugar alone. This is why stressed people resort to eating sweet things/food. but sweet fresh fruit will not affect this balance. It is safe for any diabetic to eat fresh fruit, but not artificial sugar like Equal, canned drinks, aspartame in coke, and such like.

While all the other cells need to be influenced by insulin (produced by pancreas) to take up glucose through their cell walls, the human brain does not depend on insulin to carry sugar across its cell membranes.

The natural design of the human brain to steer the physiological mechanism in the direction of higher glucose level in the body when there is persistence dehydration that would damage the brain more than it could recover from. The brain resuscitates itself in the same way that a doctor resuscitates a patient - with intravenous fluid containing sugar and salt (Saline IV). The main problem stems from one very important factor - the salt metabolism
(both sodium and potassium ) of the human body also becomes negatively affected when there is water deficiency in the body.

This condition should be treated with an increase in water intake and diet manipulation to provide the necessary minerals and amino acids balance (fresh fruits and fresh herbs are the best natural choice) for tissue repair - including brain tissue requirements.

Tryptophan. It has been shown that the brain amino acid balance for tryptophan is affected in diabetic rats. There is a much lower level of this amino acid in the brain when diabetes exists.

Tryptophan in turn regulates the salt intake of the human body. See the constant tripartite relationship of water-salt-glucose, and you can solve many health problems. Salt is responsible for regulating water-volume content outside the cells of the human body. When there is tryptophan deficiency in the body, there is also a total body-salt shortage. With lower salt retention as a result of tryptophan deficiency, the responsibility for holding water in the human body and outside the cells falls onto the sugar content in the blood. To do its new job, and compensate for lower salt, the sugar content rises. The way this happens is so simple it is almost unbelievable.

One of histamine's deputies, which becomes increasingly active in water-distribution systems, is prostaglandin E.
This chemical inhibits the insulin-making cells in the pancreas, preventing them from making and secreting insulin. Not knowing the physiology behind all this effect of chronic dehydration, many doctors are found guilty by telling the patients that their pancreas is not working or failed to produce enough quality insulin.So they must take/inject themselves with synthetic "insulin" and cut down sweet food, including fruits, which is the biggest mistake in body disease troubleshooting.

When insulin is not adequately secreted, the main body cells do not receive sufficient sugar and some amino acids. Remember that your body is using survival mode to protect your brain from further harm , all due to chronic dehydration, not enough water intake.

Potassium stays outside the cells, and the water that accompanies potassium does not enter the cells, either. In this way, the cells of the body are forced to forgo their right to water and some amino acids, and they gradually become damaged. This is how diabetes becomes the cause of many associated disease conditions.

Remedy is to increase water intake for your body need in according to your present body weight. use water-cure protocol formula here ( )

Diabetes is a good example of next-generation damage that is caused by dehydration. Whereas the onset of dehydration-induced diabetes is normally seen i the elderly and is often reversible, the more structurally serious and irreversible variety of the disease is seen in younger people.

The juvenile variety of diabetes needs to be treated carefully before it becomes a totally irreversible type of diabetes and permanent structural damage takes place.

Basically the cause is the same in children as in adults, except that in adults there is more "reserve in the system." In children, the process of physical growth strains the system much more quickly. So that is the reason we keep emphasizing that children must only drink water and not any beverages in substitute for water. Children are constantly dehydrated, and their amino acid pool is in a state of constant fluctuation. Fresh fruits are very rich with amino acids, and green vegetables too.

At the moment, there seems to be total reliance on the belief (we are lead to believe, for not knowing any better, then) that genetic dictation in what promotes the occurrence of diabetes,particularly in the young.

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