Monday, January 18, 2010

Knockout Review Part 1

We have just uploaded our latest newsletter: Knockout Part 1. The book review is written by Yeong & Khadijah.

Suzanne Somers relates the harrowing story of her gross misdiagnosis that occurred in November 2008. She woke up one morning covered in hives and was rushed to a prominent hospital. After a series of tests, she was later told of the diagnosis as follows:

i.Radiologist – “You have a mass in your lung; it looks like the cancer has metastasized to your liver. We don’t know what is wrong with your liver, but it is so enlarged that it is filling your entire abdomen. You have so many tumours in your chest we can’t count them and they all have masses in them... (page 6)

ii. Oncologist ---“You’ve got cancer....and it’s everywhere....your lungs, your liver, tumours around your heart... I’ve never seen so much cancer” (page 7)

iii. Lung cancer specialist --“I just looked at your CT Scan, and you have lung cancer that has metastasized” (page 8)

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