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Not All Miracle Cures Are Created Equal How to Tell if a So-Called "Miracle Cure" is Scientifically Proven -- or Utter Falsehood


Now You Can Separate Healing Facts from Myths
by David Allen, President, Medical Research Associates

f you've been a seeker of alternative cures for any length of time,
 I'm sure you've come across many "secret health information"
books that claim to have the cure for everything -- from cancer
to AIDS, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, emphysema ...
to every health condition in existence.
   You may already have discovered -- to your dismay -- that those
books containing a compilation of so-called "miracle cures" seldom
live up to their claims and promises. While some of the books do
offer honest but misguided information, some are deliberately  
deceptive. They often make misleading promises that might prove
 to be more dangerous than beneficial to those who are suffering
 from pain and disease.
   The 2 most important questions you have to ask in order to
determine if an alternative "cure" really is a bona fide cure are the
Are the therapeutic claims based on verifiable
scientific research -- or mere anecdotes and folklore?
Have there been a significant number of cases cured
by the alternative treatments presented?
   The GOOD NEWS is ... there definitely are alternative treatment
options available -- real cures that successfully treat every disease
in existence. And your doctor has probably never heard of them!
 And yet such alternative treatments and medical breakthroughs
are well documented in highly respected scientific research
 institutions and publications.
   Here's just a small sample of some of the phenomenal,
hard-to-find, virtually unknown, but scientifically documented
medical breakthroughs that almost no one knows about --
even your doctor:

bullet A $200 "Cure" for AIDS / HIV. HIV / AIDS
There's a patented low-voltage device that stops the 
AIDS virus dead in its tracks.  This is validated
by doctors at a prestigious college of medicine --
and published in Science News.  The expensive
version of this device costs thousands of dollars 
per treatment.  But a university physics professor
developed an inexpensive "in-home" device that
accomplishes similar results.  This alternative device
costs only $200, and is safe for home use.  
(See pp. 138-139)
bullet A Seven-Time Nobel Prize Nominee Cures Cancer
With 2 Common Household Items. A German-born
biochemist, Medical Breakthroughswho was the
world's leading expert on lipid biochemistry, and a
7-time Nobel Prize nominee, pioneered a simple
protocol for cancer treatment and prevention.
It is based on the use of small amounts of 2 inexpensive
food substances combined together in specific 
 proportions.  Numerous independent clinical studies
published in major medical journals worldwide have
confirmed these 2 food items provide a powerful 
and effective means of treating even the most 
advanced cancers. (See pp. 60-61)
     A once-skeptical oncologist became a believer,
and reported in the Townsend Letter for Doctors
and Patients that he was initially in disbelief, but was
 later convinced that "cancer is easily curable"
 using this method.  One can't deny the compelling
 evidence that shows that this method saved 90% 
of the German doctor's terminal cancer patients
 from certain death(See pp. 60-62)
bullet   An Infra-Red Helmet That Has a 90% 
 Success Rate in Halting the Progression of 
Alzheimer's Disease. Alzheimer's HelmetThere's a
space-age helmet that uses new "light beam"
 technology to reverse Alzheimer's when used
 10 minutes a day!  A study conducted at a British
university proves this helmet works in as little
as 30 days to halt the progression of Alzheimer's
 Disease -- and restore memory.  This totally
 safe and painless device yielded amazing results
 in 90% of patients tested.  (See pp. 19-20)
bullet  An Extremely Potent Anti-Inflammatory 
 Breakthrough Does Wonders for Arthritis 
Sufferers.New Zealand Mollusk Over 3 decades of
painstaking research has led to the development of an anti-
inflammation remedy that reduces swollen joints by 
79%!  The anti-arthritic marine lipids derived from a
New Zealand mollusk have been tested extensively at the
University of Queensland in Australia -- and the results
are quite dramatic!  The stabilized, highly purified lipids,
now available to the public, were shown to have 200 times
the anti-inflammatory power of even the most potent
fish oil.  And the lipid formula is also non-toxic and
produces no side effects. (See pp. 27-28)
bullet An Herb That Virtually 
Eradicates Heart Disease. Heart Attack
: Every 25 seconds, an American will have a
coronary event.  According to the Centers of Disease
Control (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause 
of death in the U.S. -- not cancer, not diabetes, not
some exotic disease.  But there's an herb that has
been used overseas to treat over 15,000 cardiac
patients over a 20-year period -- and there has
been no recurrence of their disease! (See pp. 78-79)

     The above examples represent only 5 of the countless
medical breakthroughs and alternative treatments that remain
hidden from the general public.  In fact, alternative treatments,
advanced devices, procedures, and powerful natural medicines
do exist which have been shown to eliminate virtually every 
disease including, but not limited to, the following:
    Cancer    AIDS    Alzheimer's Disease 
    Arthritis    ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)    Asthma 
    Diabetes    Autism    Chronic Fatigue and Fibro
    Emphysema    Hepatitis    Herpes 
    Cataracts    Hair Loss
    Hot Flashes    Kidney Stones    Macular Degeneration 
    Migraines    Multiple Sclerosis    Osteoporosis 
    Parkinson's Diseases    Prostate Problems    Psoriasis 
    Scoliosis    Sleep Apnea    Tuberculosis 
    Varicose Veins   Vision Disorders    Stress    
Why Haven't You
About These
Remarkable Treatment
'm sure you're asking yourself ... if these discoveries are
indeed such amazing "breakthroughs" that really cure diseases,
alleviate suffering -- and even prevent death -- why haven't
 you heard about them in the news, or from your doctor?
Here's why:
     How does it make you feel ... knowing there actually are 

Most doctors don't know these medical
breakthroughs even exist.  That's because alternative
and unconventional healing modalities are not taught
in medical school.  And the average doctor is unable
 to keep abreast of all the new alternative treatments
 that are constantly being developed.
  Many of these alternative treatments are
discovered outside the U.S., and as such, they
often get very limited press coverage, and never
reach mainstream media.
But by far, the MAIN REASON why you never
hear about these healing discoveries is because ...
The pharmaceutical and medical industries 
are deliberately trying to suppress the 
 dissemination of 
information regarding these breakthroughs. 
trying to protect their financial interests and, 

as such,  
they have to
propagate the MYTH that "drugs and 

are the only way to cure disease."
The pharmaceutical and medical industries hijacked by
politician-business people are deliberately trying hard 
to suppress the dissemination of information regarding
these breakthroughs. They're trying hard to protect 
their financial interests and , as such, they have to propagate
the MYTH that"drugs and conventional medicine are the 
only way to cure your body of disease."
     Obviously, the pharmaceutical and medical industries
have more to gain when people are sick than when they're
well.  Because of the trillion-dollar revenues they make from
drugs, there's no incentive for them to promote better health.
 Therefore, they manufacture drugs that only alleviate the
symptoms and sometimes the pain of disease, but do not 
cure disease. 
effective treatments for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Alzheimer's
Disease, arthritis, herpes, asthma and practically all diseases
that plague mankind -- and that information has been kept 
hidden from you all these years?
I personally consider it an outrage -- especially because I
lost my father to lung cancer 10 years ago.  And I can't help
but think of the millions of people all over the world who have
died from cancer and other diseases ... whose lives could've
been saved if they knew about these medical breakthroughs
 and alternative treatments.
How many people do you know who've died from cancer,
AIDS, heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, emphysema, liver
cirrhosis or other diseases in the past 2 years ... 5 years ...
10 years ... 20 years?
     There's one thing for certain:  If an alternative treatment
poses a threat to the earnings of the pharmaceutical and
medical industries, no amount of time, effort, and expense 
will be spared to keep the public from knowing about it.

As a result, many of these revolutionary technologies and
 treatments have been forced to "go underground" by Big
Pharma and the medical industry.  And thus, they remain  
totally hidden to the general public.
Just think ... what would happen if everyone knew about
the German doctor's inexpensive cancer cure that
anyone can implement easily at home (see pp. 60-62).

Why, that would wipe out the multi-billion-dollar 
cancer industry that depends on the public's reliance
on traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy,
surgery and radiation!

And imagine what would happen if everyone knew about
the $200 cure for HIV / AIDS ... the infra-red helmet that
 has a 90% success rate in reversing Alzheimer's ... the
extremely potent anti-inflammatory lipid that dramatically 
reduces the swelling of arthritic joints ... and the herb
that eliminates heart disease.  That would devastate the
multi-billion dollar AIDS, Alzheimer's, arthritis, and heart
disease industries! 

In the next few minutes, as you read this article in its 
entirety, you will discover countless remarkable "cures"
 for nearly every disease or affliction that you or your loved
ones are suffering from right now, or may suffer from in the
future.  Each one of these "cures" have been thoroughly
researched and scientifically validated -- and they are
safe, inexpensive, and have no side effects.
    “The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs 
& Forbidden Treatments is a document of
immeasurable proportions.
Following years of exhaustive
research Doctor's Research & Reporting into a range
of alternative treatments from Nutrition to Chinese
Medicine to Herbal Medicine to high-tech breakthroughs,  
The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs is an
assemblage of a veritable wealth of possibilities for
virtually every major affliction known to humanity.
    This vast array of data is compiled into a document
that is extremely user friendly. The information—that
each and every person will easily be able to access—
will be invaluable to all those people who are frustrated
with the ineptitude and lack of flexibility of Western
Medicine. Here, every person will be able to find effective,
alternative treatment choices for the common maladies that
afflict them, as well as the latest research information
pertaining to these subjects. Even I, a Naturopathic Doctor
& Licensed Acupuncturist for over 20 years, found
many new choices that I will be able to recommend to my
patients.”—Jim Cross, N.D., L.Ac.
Who Am I --
And Why Should You
Believe Me?
y name is David Allen.  I'm the President of
Medical Research Associates, a private,
Washington-based company specializing in
investigative reporting in the fields of health and medicine.
Over the last 8 years I, together with my expert team of ...
bullet  Traditional and integrative physicians (MDs)
bullet  Naturopathic physicians (NDs)
bullet  Ph.D.s who specialize in a broad range of health
and medical topics
bullet  Contributing medical writers, editors, researchers,
investigative medical journalists
bullet  and a senior Medical Advisory Board
... have spent tens of thousands of hours doing exhaustive
research to uncover, validate, and document nearly every single  
medical breakthrough and alternative treatment that has been
suppressed, silenced, ignored or forced to "go underground"
by Big Pharma and the medical establishment.

Why have we done this?
Well, for me personally, it's because my father died of lung
cancer 10 years ago.  His slow, agonizing death was a heavy
blow to me.  To see someone I love go from being a vibrant,
energetic and wonderful human being to a frail, weak and
emaciated person deteriorating in front of my very eyes ...
was a painful experience indeed.
The worst part was having to watch helplessly as he suffered --  
while I wasn't able to do anything about it.
Since then, I've been on a personal mission to spare others
 from ever having that feeling of helplessness ... of not being
able to do anything when it comes to their health and the health
of their loved ones. You see, I realized it's not just my father.
 It's millions upon millions of fathers, and mothers, and brothers,
and sisters, etc. that need this type of real, practical medical help. 
It has become the single-minded goal of our team at Medical
Research Associates to bring to every person and every household
the power and freedom to choose from among the most
 effective healing disciplines available -- so no one ever has
 to settle for the limited options that conventional medicine offers. 
Medical Breakthroughs     In order to accomplish this
goal, we've published a 380-page, 8" X 11" book titled 
The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and 
Forbidden Treatments (also available as an e-book)
containing a definitive, never-before-published compilation
of alternative health and medical discoveries.  It features
cutting-edge, state-of-the-art health information, alternative
treatment options and effective solutions for virtually any
disease or health problem you or your loved ones have, or
might have in the future.
Please make no mistake.  This is no ordinary health book.
     Unlike the medical options offered by Big Pharma
and mainstream medicine -- which simply treat the
symptoms but don't cure disease -- this book focuses on
remedies that treat the underlying causes of illness
and disease.  This enables you to get to the root of your
problem, thereby eliminating it once and for all.
Every alternative treatment and medical breakthrough
discussed in The Encyclopedia has been thoroughly 
researched, meticulously fact-checked and verified for
its effectiveness ... before it was allowed to be a part of
this groundbreaking book.  Over 1,300 footnotes reference
peer-reviewed, published medical research and scientific
studies that assure the accuracy of the treatments, procedures,
 modalities, and supplements that are featured in this book.
Many of the alternative treatments which are featured have
never been written about in any other publication, 
book or reference material.  And don't let the word
"encyclopedia" fool you -- this book is easy and fun to read.
And it's written with the layperson in mind, so it's not too 
technical.  However, it has an abundance of footnotes in
case you want to investigate any topic more thoroughly.
In fact, think of all the TV commercials you've seen that
advertise drugs which supposedly "cure" various ailments.

Here are some of them:  drugs for depression ... erectile
dysfunction ... acid reflux ... herpes ... osteoporosis ...
Alzheimer's ... diabetes ... hair loss ... incontinence ...
colds and flu, and many more.  You can find an effective
alternative treatment for every single one of these health
conditions in The Encyclopedia of Medical 
Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments.
And unlike drugs, these alternative treatments are safe,
have no side effects and cost a lot less than drugs.
Here's how easy it is to use The Encyclopedia
One: Simply look up any specific ailment,
disease or health problem in the Index of
the book.
Two:  Turn to the page(s) where alternative
treatments for the specific disease are located.
Three:  Voila!  You'll find an amazing amount
of in-depth, eye-opening information -- often
not just one, but several effective treatment
options -- and everything is spelled out in
easy-to-understand layman's terms. 
You'll find compelling evidence why the
alternative treatments get to the root causes
of the disease, and why they are scientifically
proven to be effective.  And best of all, The 
Encyclopedia gives detailed information on
product sources, health practitioners or 
service providers that offer every alternative
treatment -- all the way down to dosages,
when necessary.
     For example:  When you look up "Cancer" in the
Index, you'll find 25 pages containing 12 of the most
effective alternative treatments for cancer -- including
the powerful 2-ingredient "formula" that's proven
successful in treating even the most advanced cancers. 
When you look up "Pain Relief," you'll find an entire
chapter containing 15 of the best alternative treatments
available.  They range from a pain relief technique that
uses only light pressure on neurological reflexes, which
 turns pain off instantly ... to a revolutionary blanket 
that shields pain away ... and a wonder pain 
reliever banned by the FDA!Why is The 
Encyclopedia "The Book That Never Grows Old?"
hen you own The Encyclopedia of 
Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden 
Treatments, one of the greatest values it
will give you is the Unlimited Free Access to the 
Member's Area of the book's very own website.
This password-protected area contains  continually-updated
 information -- breaking news about the latest medical
breakthroughs and forbidden treatments that have
become available since the last printing of The 
Encyclopedia.  In this way, you won't just own a
book with information that may become outdated in
 the coming years, but you'll be the first to know 
about all the new healing discoveries ... as soon
as they break on the world's scene!
Having unlimited access to The Encyclopedia's
website is a bonus that is absolutely priceless.
You won't realize its value until you actually log in
with your password and see the wealth of information
that we've assembled.  Over 800 posts have been
uploaded to the website in the last 3 years -- and
hundreds more are posted every year.
When you own The Encyclopedia of Medical 
Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments,
 you're not just getting a book ... but you're getting
an ever-growing body of health information that is
 unparalleled in its scope and depth.  For this
reason, The Encyclopedia may be the last book on
alternative health and medicine that you'll ever have
to buy.  In a very real and practical way, it's the book
 that keeps on giving!
In a hurry? Click to get The Encyclopedia of Medical 
Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments now.
This Book is Not an Expense... It Actually Saves
You Money.
t has escaped no one's attention that our
economy -- not just in the United States,
but the entire world -- is in miserable shape.
 Jobs are scarce, businesses are closing down or
going out of business ... and money is tight.
So why would you buy yet another book about
health -- especially when there's so much information
to be found on the Internet?
Here's why: Although there's health content online
 that might appear useful, in actuality ...
... there's a lot unsubstantiated and unproven 
health information on the Web!
Yes, it's true. Erroneous, inaccurate, poorly researched
and recycled factoids, half-truths and "marketese"
 abound online ... all masquerading as bona fide health
Turning to The Encyclopedia of Medical
 Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments,
on the other hand, is not another needless expenditure.
Rather, it's an investment that will pay for itself many
times over.

Consider this:
Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control, and
so are the prices of prescription drugs, doctor visits,
 medical treatments, conventional therapy, and
hospitalization. Owning The Encyclopedia will
actually save you money -- to the tune of
thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars!
That's because the book presents treatment options
that cost much less than the cost of conventional
 treatments -- and are less invasive, less risky and
have no side effects! (See the preview of amazing
 cures below.)

Written for the Layperson ...
But Compelling Enough for Doctors!
hen we were deciding on the title for this
book, I was a bit concerned that the word
"encyclopedia" would give people the
 impression that it's a boring reference book like the  
Physician's Desk Reference (PDR).  When you
 glance at any page of our book, you'll know without
a doubt that it's written for the layperson.  It's not too
technical -- and it's easy to understand.

It's the only "encyclopedia" that's so interesting to read
that it's hard to put it down. Also, you'll probably find a
good joke or two -- just enough to keep you smiling.
Nevertheless, even doctors (both traditional and
alternative) who demand to be shown "the science"
behind everything ... are utterly amazed by the
phenomenal information contained in the book, and its
level of documentation!
The Encyclopedia is now used regularly by  
enlightened doctors who want to avoid treating patients
with prescriptions that have harmful side effects. Instead,
whenever possible, they prescribe safer, alternative
treatments that are equally, if not more, effective.
Dr. Richard Simmons is just one of countless doctors
 that have raved about The Encyclopedia -- and has
said enthusiastically that this book should be in 
everyone's home.  Dr. Simmons is a medical doctor
who is a member of the faculty at Ohio State University
School of Medicine, where he's an Associate Professor
of Ophthalmology.  He's also the former Chairman of
the Alternative Medicine Committee of the Columbus
Medical Association.

Dr. Simmons and his wife used some of the discoveries
presented in the The Encyclopedia of Medical 
Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments to help
treat and prevent their own and their family's and friends'

Here are 4 more rave reviews from doctors who
are amazed by the content of The Encyclopedia:

 "This is the ‘gold standard’ ...the ‘bible’ for
 alternative medicine's phenomenally helpful."
   "Years ago, I got into holistic nutrition and
complementary medicine and set up a holistic program
for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, liver disease,
 and the list goes on and on.  But my challenge wasDr. Paul Beals
finding the resources for all this valuable information ...
because conventional medicine, conventional doctors,
and journalists don't have this information.

   "So I was really fortunate a few years ago to come
 across 'the gold standard,' 'the bible' for alternative
medicine and nutrition ... and it's called The 
Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and 
Forbidden Treatments ... Over my 30 years of
alternative medicine I've never seen a resource like
this one ... It should be in everybody's home 
and in every doctor's office.

   "But what's exciting about this is that it's written 
for the layperson.  In other words, when you don't
respond to drugs and surgery, where do you turn?
You can't expect your traditional doctor to have this
information.  You've got to have it yourself.

This is the one source I’ve found to be
phenomenally helpful ...  actually saving people's
lives ... giving information you won't find anywhere else."
—Paul Beals, M.D., C.C.N. Georgetown University
School of Medicine(Course Instructor 1996-2004:
Introduction to Complementary and Alternative 

"This book is the right thing for you!"
Dr. Russell Simmons   "The two sections of The Encyclopedia that I
found the most fascinating are the ones on cancer and  
cardiovascular disease.  I have a very personal interest in cancer
not only because I have some very close colleagues who treat cancer
patients, but my wife developed cancer some six years ago ... We’re
using some of the suggestions found in The Encyclopedia to help
her avoid further surgery and further progression.

   "I really believe that this encyclopedia should be found in every
person’s home as a reference book for any kind of problem they
might face... You have to take control of your own health. The body
can heal itself. The doctors don’t heal you. It’s you healing yourself.
But you’ve got to have the right tools, and this tool is a tremendous
tool to help you take control of your own health."
—Richard Simmons, M.D.Associate Professor,
Ohio State University School of Medicine

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