Wednesday, November 5, 2008


IS FOUND IN F&N (Fraser & Neave) Magnolia Fresh Milk, Pure Natural Trusted ,packed in plastic 2 litres, PASTEURISED & HOMOGENIZED.

But in 1 liter package version , on the box, why does this company label "TRANS FAT FREE" ?

Readers in Singapore can catch this advertisement at bus stops billboards around the island, picture with a young girl measuring her height with the giant 2 litres bottle of milk.

I appeal to all readers to seriously quit drinking pasteurised milk for body longevity health sake. Make no mistake, I am for real fresh milk direct from the living cow, but not those processed pasteurised and homogenized milk, however the law approved the sale of these products in the public markets.

The Reflective bloggers-cum-participants. A few snippets :
1.How often have we sighed and resigned ourselves to our positions when we helplessly glared at changes and lamented that nothing could be done to remedy the situation?

2. They (referring to authorities) taught me to be respectful and grateful. These values, I hope to impart to my children and friends whom I meet. But reality is such that given the time constraint and the urgency to complete the subject matter on hand, can we afford to put time aside to impart the values? These values, after all, will not be graded. Countries are not ranked according to the values and uprightness of citizens. How can we account to the Presidents? Or Prime Ministers? Sigh! Unless the focus of our citizen education system undergoes a change for the truth only, this phenomenon will persist. Oh no! Am i adopting "I am like that 'my nature'" and "myth of the faults is from outsider" outlook?

3.Assumptions! Imagine the severe tangible and intangible damage assumptions can cause. They can really wreak havoc. (I finally realised) I have had this deadly illness for a long time. And if I do not start to seek a cure and be more aware and conscious of it, it is going to spread and become deadly.

4.Working with people is never easy. But I always feel we tend to complicate and misinterpret things when in actual fact, they are so clear-cut and simple. And we seldom look at and within ourselves when things go wrong. We simply love to point the finger at others, When will we ever wake up?

5.I have come across people who can preach but who cannot practise what they preach. It irks me. But my mentor-tutor reminded me that more importantly, I must not fall into the same trap when I become a leader. That I must remember.

6.Do I really want to be blogger? Why do I want to be blogger when a blogger is held accountable for everything? When I first joined blogging, I have never thought of this issue at all. But now, this is an excellent question. Can I become a good blogger? What is a good blogger anyway? Can I be good in the eyes and hearts of so many different stakeholders-readers? Or is this a question between me and my conscience?

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