Monday, November 3, 2008

The Politics Of Water.

Has the worst impacts of the world water crisis hit your health and wealth, yet?

2.Yet, water, which is essential to all living beings, except angels, is often ignored or treated mainly with filtration systems.

3.Water is the very foundation of all life on Earth.

4.Water is the life blood of our planet, the life giving fluid in all organisms, plants, animals and humans.

5.Our very existence is intimately and immediately connected with the quality of water available to us.

6.Our thinking apparatus runs on water.

7.Human physical bodies are two-third(2/3) water, so obviously its qualities and quantities can heal or harm us.

8.Water remember and later convey "information."

9.No wonder the most dynamic frontier in science today is water research.

10.Water - The Mystery Element. Water as the "universal solvent" melds with nearly any element. Hydrogen, the main ingredient in water, is spread throughout galaxies, and ice is found in dust clouds in outer space. But only H2O, water is found on planet Earth.

11. 21st century materialistic age people, not all though, lost the abilities to sense subtle energetics and profound properties of water.

12. Our era treat rivers and oceans as dumping grounds, and we face shortages of healthy drinkable water.

13. Will the water one day became the currency in the next century? Meanwhile researchers of water mysteries struggles for funding.

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