Monday, November 23, 2009

Bali:crafted sea salt

From Wave to Crystal Grain

The process of making hand crafted sea salt.
The production of premium sea salt takes time and attention to detail.

Each small batch of sea salt requires weeks of hard panning and grading to produce the perfect grain.

Our quality is a testimonial to the artisan nature of this age-old craft.

Black sand beaches are raked smooth with handmade tools of bamboo and palm.

Copper vessels sprinkle seawater over the waiting beds. The seed of sea salt has been planted.

The equatorial sun vakes the sand into crisp flakes which are harvested in the cool of the evening. In the flakes of sand the salt had been preserved through evaporation.

Fresh water is poured over the black sand to create a pure and natural brine.

The brine is filtered and left to evaporate in traditional palm wood tables.

The resulting grains of salt are then rebrined and evaporated to ensure pure white sea salt of the highest quality.

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I bought one pack at Setiabudi Supermarket for 36,000 Rupiah.

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