Friday, November 20, 2009

Water cured my asthma.

Water cured N.B of asthma.

I will write you a formal letter but I wanted to thank you for your water cure. I have suffered with asthma for the last five years and have tried many natural ways to get rid of it or at least to get improvement. I have needed the inhaler at least two times per day and would wake up wheezing pretty near every morning. I did your cure for two weeks but still drank green tea ( I love my caffeine ); it did not work. I quit tea last Sunday and the asthma cleared up immediately. I only need the inhaler for hard exercise (ju jitsu class), and I wake up with no wheezing and no need for medication. I even put the water cure on our website, as I am so impressed even at this early time. I know you are onto something.

Thank you, and I am telling all of my family.
Thank you,


Its ME said...

Here is how wheezing (later termed asthma)starts in one's body.
Prolonged dehydration at cellular level will trigger over production of histamine in the lungs area. Due to the body wisdom to preserve whatevber water in the body system, these histamine will concentrate in the avelio cells and this will inturn cause further water loss via respiration. Hence the wheezing signs, the victim of dehration is not sick but thirsty but no one suspect that water deficiency is the culprit here.

Gary Shores said...

This worked for me also, even though it has taken a little more than 2 weeks. Breathing is completely normal, and my allergies have dissapeared also. I have nothing to sell here, only want everyone to know about this.


Its ME said...

Glad for you Gary Shores.