Friday, October 25, 2013

Stress Hormone And Dehydration (part 2)

Part 1 is found here (click here)

Women, because of their  traditionally stressing physiological events of monthly menstruation and childbearing, have a greater capacity for the production of two vital agents, endorphins and prolactin.

Endorphins help them endure hardship more discreetly, and prolactin makes sure their offspring gets his/her water needs met in the form of breast milk , even at the expense of the mother herself.
Of course the pituitary gland has many other hormones, such as the growth hormones, but these two have a great impact on the water regulation and metabolic mechanisms of the body when it is stressed.

We should look at breast milk as water that has other things to carry into the inner systems of a child. The composition of mother's breast milk varies from species to species, depending on the growth cycle of the offspring. Cow's milk is more concentrated compared to human's milk and has more fat than human milk. Human milk is more dilute - 88.5 percent water, 3.3 percent fat, and 1.5 percent protein, while cow's milk is 87 percent water, 3.5 percent fat, and 4.1 percent protein. 
Human milk is sweeter than cow's milk - 6.8 percent lactose in human milk, compared with 4.8 percent in cow's milk. 

Because of milk's very high water content -- which is infinitely more important for an infant's survival than are milk's solids -- the mother's breast is primarily a water fountain naturally ; the addition of other products to its water-manufacturing process is a secondary function.

Breast is nature's water fountain to a new born.
Prolactin secretion increased in : dehydration, stress and excess dehydration, stress and excess aspartame (diet sodas) intake. Excess prolactin shown to cause mammary mice. 



Many of them pass through in the blood stream but  ALL of them pass through in breast milk. The same reactions that an adult can have, so can an infant if the mother breast fed the child or was pregnant with the child while taking the prescription.

The same can also be said of general toxins or  M.E.S.S. in a woman's body, it passes through to the child. That's just another reason why a woman would want her bloodstream and body detoxified and FAST  FLUSHED, to provide a clean environment for her child.

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