Friday, September 2, 2016

Water Cures: Drugs Kill:

Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water 

Cured Incurable Diseases

This 226 pages book contains 180 pages of letters from the readers who have experienced radical improvement in their health after increasing their daily water intake. They are telling stories of how you can benefit from this natural water cure and not to subject yourself to the invasive and toxic drug treatment.

Deborah Martinez
Aug 16, 2013Deborah Martinez rated it really liked it
I try anything and everything for a period of time to try to help 
me have less migraines. This book was fascinating from all the 
case studies provided, so I will start trying to drink 90 oz of 
water a day with salt added every 4-5 glasses and see where it 
takes me...besides the bathroom :)
Sheila  Summerhays
Mar 17, 2011Sheila Summerhays rated it really liked it
My favorite non fiction about water, this book includes case 
studies and letters of those whose health has been significantly 
improved by increasing their water intake. Quit soda, 
drink water!
Oct 31, 2013Art rated it liked it
Paradigm shifting. Groundbreaking. Very dry at times with 
extensive medical terminology.

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