Friday, February 26, 2010

Tan Jock Biow medical bills : please help

From: soong seechoo
Sent: Thursday, 25 February, 2010 11:12 AM
To: S S Hong
Subject: Re: TJB Medical Fund

Thank you for your email. i read it and understand the suffering of the family concerned. I shall get in touch with Elena, Maggie. By the way, i just like to inform the boy's parents about the alternative treatment at this website Dr Chris Teo is willing to help if the boy/his parents ask him.

mr soong see choo
(presently working in Bandung-Indonesia)

Sent: Wed, February 24, 2010 3:32:54 PM
Subject: TJB Medical Fund

Dear Marist Partners,

From now till 12th March 2010 - The PSG is organising a Special Donation Drive in aid of an ex-Marist,Tan Jock Biao ( 2002,Sec 4A)
- TJB Medical Fund.

Please read Mr Paul Kwok, HOD Pupil Development, account of his story below :

Dear Friends,

Tan Jock Biao (Class of 2002: Sec 4A) is staying at Room 2H at the Assisi Hospice (beside Mt. Alvernia Hospital).

He has an inoperable brain tumour. Doctors diagnosed his condition late last year (2009). He is currently on morphine. The doctors informed his parents that they will do an MRI on him (after Chinese New Year) to ascertain the size of the tumour. They will then decide on the follow-up.

Jock Biao's father is an electrician. His mother has quit her job to look after him. Jock Biao was studying at NTU (3rd Year: Engineering) when he became sick.

At the hospice, Jock Biao looks heavily sedated and half-conscious. He can hear people speaking to him, but hardly.

Jock Biao's parents explained that a day's stay at the hospice costs over $100.

The teachers have made a money contribution to Jock Biao and his parents.

Thank you.

In the attached picture, Jock Biao is 3rd from left.

If you are touched by the challenges this young man is facing , please help us extend our love and concern for this family.

Please ask your son to pass the donation in a sealed envelope with your name, son's name/class and amount enclosed and hand it over to the PVs ( Parent Volunteers) on duty in the SC during recess .

If your son has graduated, please contact : Elena (93827722) or Maggie (93860988)

Envelope ATTENTION TO either : Marist PSG - Elena or Maggie

Cheques to be made to either : Chan Ying or Seow Siew Choo

Receipts are available on request . However this is not tax-deductible.

The total amount collected will be presented to Tan Jock Biow's parents by PSG representatives and Mr Paul Kwok.

This is to assist TJB's family in coping with his medical bills.

We appreciate your kind support towards this cause.

Many Thanks ,

Maggie, Elena, Soh Hong & Lilian

On behalf of Marist PSG Team 2010

*For your information, this donation drive is only within the PSG network of Active members only.

** Please do not feel obliged to donate.

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