Monday, March 1, 2010

Humanity longevity Food not fools


When we get hungry, we eat food, thinking it will give us energy and supply the body with the vitamins and minerals required.

Our problem today is time. Because of precious time, many farmers are using chemicals on crops to meet the demand for food and to keep the price down. Many cattle ranchers and chicken farmers feed their animals chemicals to quicken their growth and weight. 'Animals factories are the real cause for global warming.Love for fast $$$$profitings are the root of human food degradation today.

Because of precious time, many of us have turned to fast food, like a canned breakfast drink or a breakfast power bar, or a quick stop at a fast food drive-thru window, or we just skip breakfast for a cup of coffee or a soda, not realizing that our bodies are not getting a balance of the proper foods required. We are turning to food loaded with chemicals, unaware of the outcome.Maybe you are aware but still addicted to them.

The main chemical used today is caffeine. Caffeine is a chemical (drug) found in plants to stop many animals from eating the fruit or plants itself. Caffeine will make most animals sick, and if they continue to eat foods with caffeine, it will kill them.

Most human diseases were started off due to caffeine induced dehydration of the cells in the body. The human immunity system has been overloaded with these drugs-caffeine and suffer much overdosage via the present lifestyle of coffee drinking and coffee cafe industries worldwide.

Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine, which acts like caffeine. A little caffeine every once in awhile will not hurt anyone. But today many of us are running on caffeine. The problem with caffeine is that it robs our bodies of vitamins, minerals and energy. When you get scared, the brain stimulates the release of stored energy to respond to the emergency. Caffeine causes the body to keep releasing stored energy. What happens, in short, is the body uses up all the stored energy it has. Then it is forced to cannibalize itself. The body borrows what it needs from the bones or liver, muscles and other organs. Overtime cancerous cells developed at these organs, and most cancer victims quit drinking, but some are too late for rescue missions.

Many years down the road, because we didn’t put back what we borrowed from the body, our bodies start to fail and we call it disease. Insufficiency/deficit is the right word, not 'disease'.

Good health is a balance of foods, exercise, rest and water. I will give you an example of how to rebalance the body while still eating fast food you can buy anywhere.

The body needs proteins, fats, fruits, and vegetables every day.

Protein should be balanced with amino acids. Amino acids are very important to the brain, liver and muscles. Good sources are seeds and nuts such as cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts, sun flower seeds, etc.

All beans and eggs are also excellent sources of protein with amino acids. Seeds, beans and eggs all reproduce. An egg is a perfect food in the wild. That’s why all animals eat other animals eggs. Cheeses and cottage cheese (4%) are also good sources of protein with amino acids. Red meat, chicken and fish are all excellent sources of protein with amino acids, except it has to be a fresh kill. After the second day, the amino acids are no longer balanced with protein. Once the animal or fish is killed, the amino acids start to break down the protein. That’s what makes meat go bad (spoil). Freezing meat is not the answer to this problem. Most animals in the wild only eat a live kill.

Many years ago , butchers were real butchers. They would kill the animal out back of the mom and pop grocery store or three to five miles away at a local farm. Shortly after the end of World War II, America got into the “fast mode.”

Many families started buying things on credit. Mothers started working part-time, then full-time. That created the fast food market of frozen foods, TV dinners, meals in boxes (Just microwave!), fast food drive-thru windows, etc.

Few mothers today prepare a meal from garden fresh vegetables or use farm fresh eggs or get meat that was killed fresh. President Obama's wife does that, you know? If you don’t get enough amino acids, then the body is forced to borrow them from the liver for the brain. And when the liver is running short, it then borrows amino acids from the muscles. Yourmuscles ache 'signal' your conscious mind of insufficiency of fresh vegetables , fresh fruits, in short , water deficit in body system.

Every day I suggest you eat at least one of the following items listed to get your amino acids with protein. (Amino acids in pull or capsule form are not balanced with protein. Eat: two eggs or more, any style beans (white, red, pinto, navy, etc.), eight ounces or more cottage cheese (4%) [one scoop (8-10 ounces) or more], one or two handfuls of any kind of nuts, 10-12 ounces or more of yogurt with real sugar and fruit (no artificial sugar, flavoring, additives or dyes).

Good fats are in eggs, cottage cheese, real butter, whole cheese, nuts, seeds, fish and some oils like olive, canola, sesame and flaxseed. Good fats remain liquid at room temperature and are better known as Omega 3 and Omega 6. Our body needs 6 to 9 grams every day. I suggest you take four capsules of flaxseed oil every day – two for breakfast and two at dinner. Each capsule is 1 gram or 1000 mL. Our brains, nerves and eyes need these fatty acids to stay healthy.

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