Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Versus Autumn

How age are you? Or how long have you being living since birth?

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"I have been young, and now am old ...."(source: book od psalm 37:25) is something that all the elderly can say equally truly, though not all of them(or us) say it with the same ungrudging contentedness.

Yet age need never envy youth, any more than sunset need envy sunrise.

Call the poet, ask any artists, which is lovelier, sunrise or sunset. Normally people are more awake to sunset scenery than sunrise one. Why?

"Be of good cheer" my dear elderly friend. Life's best is not confined to immature youth. have not the elderly the truest-quality attractiveness?

Youth, like Spring, has its own charm ; yet would many of us seriously disagree with the joy of aging gracefully and lovely? Yes, Youth has charm. Who doubts it or denies? yet none the less I hold.

Few things more offend my own esteem for elderly womanhood than to see it self-lowered in the pathetic pretence of a sham youth plastered on by cosmetics artificiality, and the wearing of garments which, if they were ever really suitable even for youth, are quite unbecoming for elderly ladies. And the same for the men, some of them, not all men are boys. Oh, why must the grown and gracious tree ape the less-lovely sapling? Enlighten me if you may, Spring-youth or Autumn-elder.

The best of all cosmetics is the dear Saviour Himself Lord Jesus Christ so filling the heart that the very face (facebook friends should face friendly facts) of this elderly saint radiates the indwelling Shekinah !

I have been youth , 47 years uptodate, and now gladly enjoying old age ....

To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success. (Click here) 


ItsJustFood said...

Where have you been? You haven't left me any comments on itsjustfoodinacapsule lately... I would love to hear your comments on my posts.

Its ME said...

Our children are dying at younger and younger ages. They are the first generation that will not outlive their parents. Why is that? Because of what they eat!! It is so sad that most of their diseases can be avoided by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Such a simple concept and yet not a life choice for most families. My mission is to change that through education and passion!!
I agree with Sue Casedy...honorable Healthy Wealth visitors are invited to ItJustFood blogsite too