Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monitor your own daily water intake.

How to rehydrate your own body back to health correctly daily.
To monitor your own daily water intake. Here is the formula which I use:
1. Weigh my Present body weight in kilogram (say 50 kg for example, please use your present body weight).
2. Each kilogram of body weight needs 31.42 milliliter of plain water daily. So for a 50 kg body, it is 31.42 multiply 50 equals 1571 ml of plain water, daily. Round this figure up to 1600 ml .
3.Every 90 minute, drink 10% of 1600 ml, which is 160 ml of plain water, regardless of feeling thirsty or not. The idea is to regularly hydrate the body systems.
4.And for every 1250 ml water intake, use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt (not those manufactured table-salt from the supermarkets), in your daily diet. Salinity is important for constant rehydration.
5. I suggest you start this water drinking regimen immediately. Upon rising up every morning, drink one glass (10% of personal daily water ration). Just use room temperature water will do. Follow up with the "90 minute pattern",(why?) in order not to flood the kidneys and to ensure the body is regularly receiving its fair share of water throughout the day/night. Before going to sleep, drink another glass. For someone who never (quite like to) drink water like this before, initially he/she may visit the toilet/restroom more often than before, but after some time the body will adjust and the frequency will be normal.

Pain's underlying cause is the body 'signal' of localised/regional body area undergoing cellular dehydration.

Yellowish/dark colour and 'stink-smelling' urine indicate the body is dehydrated.

Dear reader, i invite you to review the earlier posts which i blog at Healthy Wealth blog site http://theinnozablog.blgospot.com for more details on the body physiology when it is shortchanged of water and salt, overtime regularly throughout the years, which cause many physiology changes inside the body cells (even cancer).

In brief, here is how the body uses water, sodium, and blood sugar to ensure constant energy for normal body functions since birth :
1.Water being the primary element, should be always available for normal physiology. When water is not supply accordingly, insufficient over a prolonged period of time, the body will overproduce histamine (neurotransmitter), which actual role is to manage and sort of 'water-inspector of the body'. But the negative of overproduction of histamine around the lung cells will cause asthma. Asthma is just a term used to denote the wheezing signs of a patient gasping for air. Here is what really happen, the body is not receiving it's right amount of water, and the body is reverting to preserve more water-vapour loss via respiration (info: an average adult loses approximately 1-1.5 ml of water just through respiration, daily), with histamine around those avelio (grapes like shape tissues in the lungs) it will cause constriction, hence the wheezing. Asthmatic is not sick per se , but dehydrating; don't medicate the wheezing with more drugs, he/she needs to seriously follow the water drinking regime to restore the body back to normal. Anti-histamine drugs is going against the body natural method to preserve more water-vapour loss, and not many doctors know about this, because their medical training knowledge is based on 'solid paradigm' and not on 'solvent paradigm'.

2. Sodium (lay man term is salt, but not all salt are the same as naturally formed salt as sea salt) has the property (salinity) of holding water molecules long enough for normal diffusion (rate of 0.0001cm per second) between the cells membranes. The water molecule enters the cell, one by one. When daily freshwater is not properly replenish correctly and promptly, the body will , on purpose, retain more sodium than required in the body system. The body also will use cholesterol as 'protective layer' to preserve those vital but dehyrating (drying) cells in order to prevent premature death of the cells. Now normal diffusion rate is not possible, due to this layer of cholesterol, hence the body will activate /cause higher outer pressure to service those cells, hypertension, which doctors measured and called "high blood pressure". Any drugs used trying to lower this "high blood pressure" is going against the natural physiology of the body which is 'suffering' cellular dehydration/(water deficits) effects. The real remedy should be re-hydrate those cells systematically (as i show above).

3.When doctors diagnose high blood pressure and blood test showed high level of sodium, patients are told to cut down on salt intake ( most people don't even know the real sea salt is different from the modern table salt), but they are not taught to drink water. Now we have a case of water insufficiency and lower sodium availability for the body to work with . Is is a mistake to think that high level of sodium is the culprit in causing the high blood pressure. The first cause for high level of sodium in the blood is fresh water deficits in the body, so by regular replenishing the body with enough fresh water in relative to your personal body weight, daily, you solve the real problem of the "need for high blood pressure" in your body.

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