Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Garden Food

God and nature has made no mistakes in providing sufficient Vitamin B12 to billions of herbivorous animals over millions of millennia - including the vegetarian primates (our biologically nearest creational equivalents) and man! -- if he (man) makes the right dietary choices and nourishes himself the way he was originally designed! -- That is: In and from the garden! -- the perfect home of pure, uncontaminated, light, oxygen and vegetation loving Cyanocobalamin, in correct bounty, in low concentrations, but sufficient for our needs!-- Not extorted from defiled, destroyed, killed, disease hosting, disease transmitting and B12 hyper-concentrating animals -- especially carnivorous animals (as poultry, pork, fish, etc.), which accumulate and concentrate even more B12 in their tissue, fluids and ova at levels above and higher than the herbivorous animals and/or the insects which they consume. Hence carnivores (including man when he chooses to be such) do ultra-concentrate B12 in their tissues!

Hence in carnivorous man, a falsely high mean standard of B12 levels is accumulated and is consequently measured high in phlebotomy data; so it is accepted as the human norm! -- Not good or honest science!!!

And that false high standard (as has been accepted by most all of medicine) precipitates wrong diagnosis! that is, lower test values of accumulatedserum*** B12 levels -- which are naturally (and correctly) less in non-carnivorous (vegetarian) humans and their dependent nursing infants! Those presumed "deficient" patients are then endangered with the unnecessary administrations of (the sewage and/or animal harvested and unnaturally formulated) B12 injections and/or tablets, with their plethora of contraindications (side affects) possible in many recipient patients or wrongly treated victims!

*** serum (blood stream) levels of B12 is not always a good indication of true internal, intra-/inter-cellular, metabolic, B12 functional levels. It is also (now) known that the cells are ultra conservative with B12; i.e. keeping appropriate stores of it within the cells themselves, recycling it within the intra-cellular (inside) chemistry and allowing only that which is absolutely necessary in inter-cellular (between cells) chemistry to be exported, hence not requiring (as was previously presumed) high levels of B12 to be carried in consumption, digestion, absorption and blood flow to replenish it. -- tlr 7/3/03

Standard medicine has seriously erred in the violation of honored Koch postulates and true scientific method, by producing unnatural high average blood level standards for B12, and assuming them as the correct human mean or standard -- based upon hematological data accumulated and calculated in the cross-section of primarily heavily carnivorous USA/Industrial world humans! -- not a true or honest measure for serum B12 levels for all of humanity, nor for creation's biologically intended, apparent and correct human nutrition, chemistry and physiology!

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