Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Herbs Are Effective For Cancer

In China, the use of herbs in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiotherapy has become routine and very much accepted. In the book: Alternative Treatment for Cancer, Dai Han Zhou wrote: “Clinical practice has proved that Traditional Chinese Medicine can delay tumour growth, initiate direct inhibitory effect, improve survival, increase the effects or decrease the toxic effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.”

My Oncologist Said I Was His Fantastic Patient

In the next video, this patient received his chemotherapy in Perth, Australia. He too took our herbs and did not suffer any side effects. His oncologist told him that he was a fantastic patient – compared to other patients. Listen to his video.

It is heartening to know that in Australia, taking of herbs during chemotherapy is clearly encouraged. In Malaysia, this practice is condemned. Yes, they will “swallow Chris Teo alive” for advocating this.

Point to ponder: Why is this patient in Perth so fantastic?

Herbs Are Effective For Cancer

My third message today is: Herbs are effective for cancer.

“Effectiveness” means differently to different people – much depends on perspective. Before we discuss how effective herbs are for cancer, let us first ask this question: How effective is the present medical treatment for cancer?

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