Friday, January 7, 2011

bye bye radiotherapy

PSA down to 0.3 – Bye, Bye Radiotherapy
Sam was given two options: One, to receive hormonal injection every three months. Or two, to undergo an orchidectomy - i.e. to remove the testes. On the advice of his doctor friend, he opted for the latter, i.e. removal of both his testes. After the surgery, his doctor asked him to undergo 35 times of radiation trea This would cost RM 23,000 (the same treatment would cost RM 28,000 in Kuala Lumpur).
Sam’s PSA on 5 April 2010 was 33.18.
Sam declined radiotherapy. He came to seek our help on 28 May 2010. He was started on herbs and was asked to take care of his diet. His PSA on 20 September 2010 returned a reading of 0.3. He went to see his doctor and was told that there is no further need to do radiotherapy.
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