Sunday, October 2, 2011



There are three fundamental elements, or domains, that make us human : Physical; Chemical ; Psychological.

The 100% Health mind-body map

To be SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY , you must have optimal VITAL ENERGY in these three domains, namely: vital energy in the physical, vital energy in the chemical and vital energy in the psychological.

What we conceive of as the 'body' covers both the physical and chemical domains. Physical means matter, or what the body is made up of - something that has a structure and something you can touch.

Chemical means a process - the function that takes place within the body. However, there is more to us than simply physical and chemical domains.

We have thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams(aspirations/ night vision). This we call the psychological domain. While many of the secrets involve the physical and chemical domains , Secret 8(The Chi Factor), Secret 9 (Get Your Past out of your Present-Let Go And Learn From The Past) , Secret 10( Find Your Meaning - Become Clear On The Bigger Picture) examine our need for emotional and spiritual health - the VITAL NEED to regenerate our spirit and have a sense of purpose and connection. Each one and all is never alone in the universal 100% Health Life.

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