Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Should Consider Such Things Deeply

Nature cures, not the physician - Hippocrates

What, you may ask, is a public relations man doing writing a book on nature cure ? The answer
is simple : good health ought to be everybody’s concern, not solely the medical profession’s
business. More importantly, in my own case, I suffered immen- sely, for many years, largely due
to the shortcomings of the modern medical system. In my despair, I earnestly began my study of
natural methods of treatment and cure of disease, as also the ways and means of maintaining
good health. Putting the time-tested nature cure methods into practice proved so beneficial in my
own case, that I took to studying their application for several other diseases as well. What began
as mere jottings was gradually expanded into full-length articles on the subject " Cure Without
Drugs ", several of which were published in "The Economic Times. " The readers’ response to
the series was overwhelming and several of them suggested that the articles be complied in
book form, to benefit more people. "Health the Natural Way " was the result. This book as well
as my second book titled " Diet Cure For Common Ailments " published three years laters, was
well received by the press and the public. This fact coupled with the immense popularity of my
articles on health, nutrition and nature cure being published in several leading newspapers and
magazines, have prompted me to write a comprehensive book on nature cure under the present
title for the benefit of the general public.
Experience, they say, is the most convincing teacher, and I would like to begin with details of my
own case history as a means of indicating the major health problems that nature cure can
overcome. While doing my intermediate arts, at the age of 16, I contracted two serious illness -
pleurisy and typhoid fever - simultaneously. Having run their course for about 45 days, both
ailments left me so debilitated that I had to dis- continue my studies for one year, on medical
My recovery was gradually but not complete, as I developed heartburn and breathing problems.
At 28 came the worst crisis, when I suffered a stroke in the early hours of an extremely hot day
in May after acute heartburn throughout the night. The stroke made the left side of my body
extremely heavy and weak, and the attending physician referred my case to a well- known
neurosurgeon, suspecting a brain tumour. For nearly two months I lay helpless in the special
ward of a reputed hospital, undergoing several tests and at the same time observing around me
frequent deaths following unsuccessful brain surgery. Finally, having twice failed to inject air
through the spinal cord for taking X-rays of the brain, the specialist decided to make holes in my
skull for that purpose and even operate if necessary. Fortunately for me, the specialist had to
attend a medical conference elsewhere and, therefore, instructed his assistant to try the
newly-introduced method of cerebral angiography, which involved injecting dye through an
exposed vein in the neck to enable X-raying of veins in the brain. When these X-rays did not
reveal anything abnormal, I was allowed to go, but not before the harrowing experience had left
me a complete nervous wreck.
However, that was not the end of it. I underwent a barium meal examination which indicated "
Chronic doudenitis, may be chronic duodenal ulcer." The numerous drugs prescribed for the
treatment of this ailment and the continuing weakness and heaviness of my left side made my
condition worse still. I endured this for three years, until the pain and heaviness of the left side
was miraculously cured by an astrologer : But nothing could rid me of the heartburn, abdominal
pain and occasional severe stomach upsets, which continued to necessiate the use of several
drugs. Investigations, from time to time, confirmed the diagnosis of duodenitis or chronic
duodenal ulcer. A barium meal examination , done when I was 39, revealed hiatus hernia with
peptic oesophegal ulcers.
To add to all of this, at 45, an eminent heart specialist declared me a heart patient, following a
check-up due to pain on the left side of my chest. The heavy drugging, dieting etc. that ensued completely ruined my health and resulted in insomnia and a weight loss of 15 kg. Consulting
another eminent heart specialist two years later, I was informed that there was no evidence
whatsoever of heart trouble, but he confirmed the presence of hiatus hernia and stomach
trouble. God alone knows which diagnosis was correct : Then came a host of diseases in rapid
succession - spondylosis, myalgia, backache and prostate enlargement, in treating all of which
the modern medical system failed to give me any relief, despite taking huge quantities of drugs,
especially painkillers, antacid tablets and tranquillisers.
All this time, I was aware of the natural methods of treatment which I had studied from the age of 30 and a few of which I had practised occassionally. I , however, dared not adopt them
wholeheartedly because of my heavy dependence on drugs. Rather late in the day, at the age of
55, I made a determined bid to do away with all drugs and take recourse to natural methods. I
began collecting and studying a greater deal of data on the subject and also consulted
naturopaths. I made drastic changes in my diet and lifestyle and started rigidly observing the
laws of nature. I was rewarded sooner than expected so much so, that for one who narrowly
escaped death at the age of 28, when my son was a year old, I can proudly say that today, at
64, when I have a nine-year-old grandson, I feel healthier, thanks mainly to my taking recourse
to nature cure methods. Of course, I do not claim that I have cured all my ailments. But I do
maintain that I have been able to control them substantially and have obtained a lot of relief
without resorting to drugs. This, I feel, is no mean achievement. I am certain that my own
success in controlling several dreaded disabilities will serve as inspiration to those readers who
are suffering from various ailments and hold out the hope of their deriving real benefits from the natural methods of treatment outlined in this book.

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