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 Lesson 1…

“My objective is to help you write as many books as possible in as short a time as possible!"

Even if you're never written anything before!
  Hi, and welcome to your first lesson on how to get your book written faster than you ever thought possible. Okay, back to business!    My name is Steve Manning. I'm the creator of the run-away best- selling, writing success program, "How To Write A Book On Anything in 14 Days or Less... Guaranteed!"
   I envy you. You're about to write a book. And although I've already written several myself, I know the thrill that comes with starting a new one. I see it every time I give my lecture to professionals all over the world. These are folks who are just like you. Folks who have an overwhelming desire to write that very special book (fiction or non-fiction). And if you've already made the decision to write your book, I don't need to tell you all the benefits that can come your way.
   Many of my clients are professionals. Folks like doctors, lawyers, consultants, speakers, engineers, professors and so on. Hundreds of them. From all over the world! They know exactly what a published book means to them. It means greater notoriety, more success, credibility, status, revenue, lead generation, and much more. In fact, there are as many different reasons for writing a non-fiction book as there are people who want to write them. And I've helped my students do it all.
   If you're thinking about fiction maybe you see yourself as the next Grisham, or the next Crichton; the next Danielle Steele or the next Anne Rice. You've got a story to tell and you want to tell it... as wonderfully as possible.
   Let me tell you that I'm here to help make it happen for you. My passion (call it a magnificent obsession) is to help as many people write as many books as they want to write--and get them published! 
Someone once asked Isaac Asimov why he was so prolific. His answer was unbelievably simple, complex and informative.    "I guess I'm prolific because I have a simple and straight-forward style!"
   So powerful are these words that they should be engraved in stone and placed on the desk of every writer who has ever thought about producing a book.
   "I guess I'm prolific because I have a simple and straightforward style." Ironically, Asimov could just as easily have said, "I guess I have a simple and straightforward style because I'm prolific."
   The two statements are co-dependent.
   If you want to be prolific, you must have a simple and straightforward style. But the only way you can have a simple and straightforward style… is to be prolific. 
   Do you know ANYONE who does something well? If they do it well, chances are very good they also do it very quickly. Now, this does not mean in order to do something well, you should do it quickly. It means only that those who do something very well almost always do it quickly.
   They have mastered the details, they have mastered the techniques, and they have mastered the process and the challenges. With this mastery comes proficiency. And proficiency will always be accompanied by speed.

  In order to write well, you should write the way you talk. If you write the way you talk, your writing will always be very understandable to the reader.    There will be no convoluted sentences. No $25 words, where a 50-cent offering will suffice. There will be no misunderstanding. No misinterpretation. When you talk to friends, you don't 'put on airs' in your speech. You speak to be understood, and (with the exception of politicians) you usually are.
   And just about every writing instructor, agent, editor, publisher and reader will tell you that if you write the way you talk, your manuscript will be infinitely more readable, publishable and sellable. 
 Those who know how to do something well, usually do it quickly. You know how to talk, so you talk quickly (by that I mean you don't labour over every word). If you want to write well, write the way you talk…    The logic is inescapable. If you want to write well, write quickly. If you write quickly, you will always write the way you talk (you won't have time to develop the awkward sentence).
   If you want to write well… write fast!
   If you want to be prolific, write quickly.
   If you want to write well, write quickly.
   The faster you write, the better you write! 
(Lesson One Ends Here)


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How much would it be worth to you if you could do that infinite times, whenever you want, as much as you want, totally on demand in the comfort of your own home?

Very few people believe the words coming out of my mouth when I passionately tell them the above is possible, but when they finally get around to "trying out" the easy step-by-step method I show them, they are THRILLED with the results!
Let me ask you a question.. Can You Play With Lego? If  yes, congratulations! You could be enjoying your very own paperback book right now - or better still, someone else could be enjoying your very own paperback book right now - because it's that simple!
Perhaps you are not a "writer" and you are wondering how you could use this information. Well, photographers, students, eBooks enthusiasts, amateur writers and many others are using my techniques everyday to make their life simpler.
Perhaps you just downloaded an e-Book from internet and you hate reading it on the screen and would find yourself more comfortable having it on paper.

Or perhaps you have a portfolio to show around and want to make a special impression... but don't have the budget to have it printed professionally. 
I know that creating a book is considered a long, tedious, even impossible task. But with my very own, proven and tested method it becomes literally routine. You will breeze through the entire process!

 What are you going to do? 
Surely, you could start a blog or publish your writing online. You could publish for the Kindle. But it's not the same thing. Nothing beats the fascination of having your own book printed on paper. Paper is here to stay.

At a breaking point in my life, I decided that something had to be done. Complaining doesn't take you anywhere. Nor being inactive.
I wanted to be published, and self-publishing actually seemed a feasible option: however, I quickly had to backtrack  when I saw the current market prices of digital publishers. I couldn't afford to pay thousands of dollars to publish my book. That was the simple truth.
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