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Hypnosis #1 Wealth and Unending Prosperity

The following is a sample of how to use hypnosis to tap into the Source of Mind Power to attract money and a steady flow of prosperity. The best way to use this script is to record yourself speaking it and then listen to the recording. By following a recording, you are able to allow yourself to drift into deeper levels of mind, closer to the Source of Power. When you use your recording, you will want to set aside plenty of time to focus on the words of the script and visualize what they are describing. Try to imagine the images being described, and try to make those images be your entire reality. If you can focus on the script to the point where you are not aware of your physical surroundings, then you will have tapped deep into Power.

Hypnotic Script To Attract Unending Prosperity

Now, I want you to continue relaxing your body. Let all of your muscles in your arms and legs go completely limp and loose. There is absolutely nothing that you need to do right now, so allow yourself to relax 100%. Just think limp and loose, and your body will follow along. Limp and loose. Imagine that you are a rag doll, floating on a cloud, or in a raft on a softly swelling ocean. Lots of open space.
Focus now on your breathing. Take nice, deep breaths. Slow and easy. Breath in to a count of 3. One, two, three. Breath out to a count of 5. One, two, three, four, five. Do this several more times. Breathe in to a count of 3. Breathe out to a count of 5. Breathe in to a count of 3. Breathe out to a count of 5. Yes. You're doing very well here. With each breath you take, you are getting more and more relaxed. And as your body relaxes, the focus of your mind improves.
Now that you are completely relaxed physically, we are going to start working on the spiritual level. If you have not already done so, I want you to close your eyes. You are now going deep within yourself, to a very safe place. You are now moving closer and closer to your spiritual source of Power. The closer you get to your spiritual source of Power, the better you will feel. This is a very pleasant, enjoyable experience. As I speak to you now, you are moving closer and closer to your source of spiritual Power. You may imagine a staircase in front of you leading down into your inner self. This will be a safe and secure staircase, one that is obviously built with care and pride. There will also be a soft glow of light on this staircase. See the staircase now.

There are 21 steps on this staircase. I will count the steps as we go down into the deepest parts of your inner self. With each step you take, you will feel a greater sense of peace, serenity, and love. Let's start going down now. We start with 21 steps to the bottom. As you take the first step, there are now 20 steps to the bottom. Take another step and it becomes 19. 18. 17. Taking each step brings you closer to the source of your spiritual Power. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. You definitely feel safe and secure in this place. It's almost like coming home after a long journey. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. Deeper and deeper into your inner self. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. And now you reach the bottom of the staircase. You have reached the innermost center of your being. Take a moment to rest and adjust to the new feelings of peace, acceptance, and love.
You will soon notice a door. This door leads to the Source of all Power. Just being outside the door, you can feel the incredible Power radiating from within. You may open the door and walk through now.
The sense of Power here is almost overwhelming. But you are quickly getting used to it. You are starting to absorb the Power that is thick in the air here, you are breathing it in which each breath that you take. Every time you breathe in, you are taking more and more Power into your being, and each time you breathe out, that Power is becoming a part of you. This Power that you are breathing in is transforming you, giving you more abilities and Powers.
Soon, you notice that one of your new abilities is a sense of connection to everything in the universe. More and more information is available to your mind. You are getting smarter, wiser, and better at making judgments and analyzing information. This will come in handy when you want to check out new business deals and money making opportunities. You will have an uncanny sense of what will be profitable and want to avoid. You understand now that the best way to make money is to offer the world something it needs. You understand that when you offer the world a good thing at a good price, you can make as much money as you want. And with each breath that you take, this connection with the universe is getting stronger and more reliable. Breathe in even more Power and let this new ability become a permanent part of you.
Now, you are noticing another new ability. You are able to focus your mind much better than you were ever able to before. You can make firm decisions and not be distracted by unimportant details. This new ability will be very important when working in business and creating unending prosperity. This new ability will also be important when you are directing Power to create specific conditions. And with each breath that you take, your ability to focus your mind gets better and better. Breathe in more Power and let this enhancement become a permanent part of you.
While we are here now, we will also use the unlimited Power that is available to you to create a money magnet that will bring money into your life from every possible direction. If you will look around, you will notice a strange looking machine. Walk over to that machine, and you feel the Power getting stronger and stronger. You will notice that this machine has a large antenna and two metal plates on which to place your hands.
Place your hands on the machine and focus your mind on what you want. As you do this, the machine is taking the images from your mind and sending them out into the universe with Power to create that which you desire. Visualize money and everything you can do with that money. Imagine lots and lots of money, piled high and overflowing. Allow yourself to get excited about having lots and lots of money. Enjoy the feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that you will experience having this money. Pour all of this through your hands and into the machine. Keep filling that machine with more and more images of money and what that money will do for you. Continue to breathe in Power, and send more images of money into this machine and the fun you will have with it.
When you feel that you given the machine as much as you can, take your hands off of the plates and take a step back. Relax and let yourself recharge after your efforts. You have created a future for yourself that will be filled with money and everything else you have imagined. You have done well. Sit down for a while and let yourself continue to breathe in the Power of this place. As you continue to breathe in Power, your new abilities will get stronger and more permanent.
Your connection to everything in the universe is getting stronger, and you are able to know more and more about the business deals that you will be working on. You will know what projects will be profitable and which ones to avoid. New ideas are coming to you now for business projects that you will enjoy working on and will also enrich the world greatly. You will know how to market and sell what you offer to the world. And with the new degree of focus and determination that is growing within you, your success is guaranteed.
It is now time to return to the outer world. Find the doorway that led you to this special place. Go through this door and back to the staircase of 21 steps. As you place your foot on the first step, you allow yourself to mentally run through all that you have done down here. You have made a lot of progress in this short period of time. It has been a wonderful experience. But you are ready to return to the outer world and make use of the knowledge, wisdom, and Power that you have gained. So, let's start going up the steps, counting the steps as we go.
Step 1, step 2, 3, 4, 5. You are feeling very satisfied with yourself and the progress you have made. Step 6, 7, 8, 9,10. When we get to the top of the staircase, we will be in the outer world, ready to move on to other tasks and projects. Step 11, 12, 13, 14. You are feeling more and more awake. You are starting to feel your physical body again. Step 15, 16, 17. Take a deep breath and notice your body becoming more energized again. Step 18, 19. Almost fully awake, feeling very refreshed and satisfied with yourself. Step 20 and step 21. You are now fully awake and aware of everything around you. Open your eyes and greet the new life you have created.
You have made a lot of changes for your life during this session. You will notice many things that seem to be different from what you remember them being before. This is normal and is to be expected. Everything that has changed has been an improvement, so you will enjoy the differences. Give yourself some time to adjust to the new conditions of your life. When you feel settled with the changes you've made during this session, you may repeat the session to create even more improvements in your life. May you find everything you always wanted. God Bless.

End of Hypnotic Script To Attract Unending Prosperity.

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