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Who is Smart or Dumb, you or your money? Do you know your money?

The shelves at your local bookstore or library are simply littered with books about how to manage your finances. This is a good problem to have, but it can still be a little confusing when you look for just the right book on how to effectively order your personal financial house.
One book that you might consider as a guide for the best way to run your finances is “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place.” In the paragraphs below, you will see why this book is unique in its approach as a financial self help book, since it not only focuses on money but also on health as the basis for true individual wealth.

Who is the Author of “The Wealth Cure?”

Hill Harper is the man responsible for the unusual new take on personal finance, ‘The Wealth Cure.” A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, Harper also graduated cum laude with a Doctor of Jurisprudence from prestigious Harvard Law School. Hill Harper furthermore obtained a Kennedy School of Government Master’s degree.
The writer has already enjoyed an unusually successful and brilliant career in several fields. He earned the status of best selling author of “The Conversation,” “Letters to a Young Brother” in 2007, and again in 2008 with “Letters to a Young Sister.” The second book won him two NAACP awards and then achieved the distinction of the American Library Association’s Best Book for Young Adults.
Hill is also an accomplished star in a well known and beloved television series that you may have heard of, called CSI: New York. The NAACP has named him the Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for 2008 and 2009. Besides this, Hill Harper has performed roles in other box office movies and shows that include The Skulls, The Sopranos, He Got Game, and Lackawanna.
Hill Harper has a mission with his writing. He seeks to aid his readers as they attempt to rearrange their money priorities and properly define success. This is no easy task, but he has a wealth of experiences on which to draw with his writings. These range from Harvard Law, to his writing success, to his acting career, to his recent battle with Thyroid Cancer. Harper considers such financial security not to be the goal, but instead a tool that you his reader can utilize to help you build up a life of meaning and worth.

What is the Premise of “The Wealth Cure?”

The idea behind “The Wealth Cure” is that you can actually relegate money to its proper place. The book teaches that you can employ this goal to build wealth as a means to reach happiness and satisfaction in your life. Harper is well suited to explain this to you in terms beyond traditional personal finance self help books. He starts out with a ground breaking and exciting new explanation for what wealth is, and in the process encourages you his reader to not simply increase your financial security, but also to attain wealth in all areas of your life.

How Does Harper Convey This Unique View Point?

Harper makes his “Wealth Cure” an interesting read when he takes his own life story and turns it into a parable for you the reader. Along the way, he encourages you to consider your own personal values at the same time that you build up a solid financial foundation in your life. He teaches you that it is simultaneously important to take stock of what the relationships in your life are worth and to seek ways to improve your interactions with the individuals who are a part of your life.
Author Hill Harper utilizes real life stories from his friends and family along with his personal memories. This way, you will start to understand that money is really not an end goal, but it is instead a means to the end of financial freedom so that you can follow your heart and dreams in life. He conveys several keys as part of this. You must find the resources that you require, invest heavily in yourself, and make it your personal responsibility to see that these resources are utilized effectively, efficiently, and well.

What Makes “The Wealth Cure” Different from Other Money Management Advice Books?

The biggest difference between “The Wealth Cure” and your other typical personal money management book is that Hill Harper sees wealth through the lens of health. He points out to you that if you do not have health, then riches and things will not offer you any important meaning or satisfaction. To this effect, this book offers you more than just good solid strategies and fantastic advice.
Of course it talks about how you can budget your income, invest your assets efficiently and well, and buy the right types and amounts of insurance. Still, after these topics are covered, the book proves why it is more than just your ordinary garden variety type of personal economics book.
Harper goes through his own powerful life story to demonstrate to you that money by itself does not make you wealthy, and that when you pursue this money and wealth, it will not give you satisfaction or happiness. The real build up of wealth is instead to chase health and well being, not simply money. The success formula that Hill Harper puts forward is as follows: Money Plus Wellness Equals Wealth.

What Is The Difference Between Smart and Dumb Money?

You have probably heard the phrases smart money and dumb money thrown around at some point in your life. Hill gives you the definition of what differentiates the two approaches to money in this book. “The Wealth Cure” states that dumb money is money that you pour into items that lose value as you sleep.
In contrast, smart money is the cash that you put into items that gain in value while you sleep. A good example of dumb money would be money that you pour into credit card interest and payments. Investments which grow in value or give you dividends and interest are good examples of smart money. Hill sums it up as smart money makes money for you while dumb money drains money away from you.

Final Verdict of “The Wealth Cure?

“The Wealth Cure” is valuable as it explains to you critical concepts about smart and stupid use of your money, life, and health. Harper is so gifted in his breakdown of once difficult concepts that you can not say you did not know any better after you read this work. The book will also ensure that you never again mistake the important things in life, which are health, happiness, and then money.
To say this is a get rich quick financial self help book would be a gross misstatement. Harper teaches you that when you budget, save, and invest, you can improve your financial scenario over time, but only once you attain a solid financial literacy and understand what the significance of money should be in your own life. “The Wealth Cure” overflows with knowledge and wisdom to help you build up a rich life that includes health, love and relationships, meaningful experiences, and personal achievements that make your life worth living.
Have you ever wondered what the pundits mean when they say that if you do not have your health, then you do not have anything?

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