Monday, December 17, 2012

Obesity, Cancer, Depression : DNA DAMAGE

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It has become an established trend to silence the pains of the body (your body) with some sort of chemical without knowing the wider physiological implications of the pain mechanism and its significant association with the level of acidity in the body. Pain means that an area is acidic. This can cause severe damage to the DNA structure of the cells within area.

Medical specialists limit their responsibility to one aspect or another of the body's mechanical parts, and do not simultaneously deal with different diseases. They have mostly forgotten their knowledge of physiological and have acquired the skills of producing temporary relief by the use of chemical products. However, when pain medications are used, the cause of pain is not taken away; the acidic state of the body continues to cause other symptoms and damage that may be outside a specialist's field of interest. Thus patients go from one specialist to another and end up using several different chemicals-drugs with their body's increasing variety of cries for water. Cancer formation is one such cry for water. It is the survival strategy installed in the primitive form of single-cell life in a chemically hostile environment.

It's true that many people develop cancer without having had pain. How can this be?   To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success. (Click here)

Pain is one of the many indicators of dehydration in the human body. Not all parts of the body that become dehydrated possess pain-sensing nerves - think of the breast, the pancreas, the prostate gland, the lungs - hence their silent cancers. Water distribution is  a highly sophisticated process operated on the basis of a very strict rationing program. The level of dehydration might be subclinical -- without symptoms -- but sufficiently present over a period of many years to cause damage to the DNA repair system, decrease the rate of receptor production on the cell membranes, and eventually negatively affect the immune system's efficiency of functions.

The onset of dehydration might well be established with the first prescription of diuretics to lower the blood pressure, without the doctor realizing that hypertension itself is one of the indicators of dehydration - one of the body's drought-management programs.

Water has to be forced into vital cells against the osmotic draw of blood pulling water out of them; extra pressure is needed to inject some water through "water-specific holes" in the membranes of these vital but dehydrated cells.

In short, the rise in injection pressure of the emergency water distribution system in a dehydrated body is labeled hypertension. It is treated with chemicals that further dehydrate -- diuretics -- when water itself is the best natural diuretic there is. Can you imagine that? Yes! In this most advance country in the world today, more than 60 million dehydrated people have been labeled as hypertensives and receive this kind of treatment every day. No wonder heart disease and cancer are the number 1 and 2 killers -- over 700,000 thousand die of heart disease and more than 500,000 die of cancer each year. Not surprisingly, over 250,000 die of prescription medications. Save your body today, drink the amount of water regularly, follow a time table to get the habit until the body do not sent pain signal anymore to your conscious mind. 

 To simplify complications is the FIRST essential of success. (Click here) 


Elinor Phillips said...

it’s time to get back to basics and ward off cancer. Can you add up some list of alternative treatment for bladder cancer too.

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thanks Elinor Phillips for dropping by, visited your link . keep giving back to the society ....