Thursday, August 10, 2017

Get To Know Yourself : Your Digestive Intelligence

Your human body is your vehicle. It needs to be checked and serviced for road-worthiness; it needs good clean fuel; and it needs to be properly treated. To know your problems and take good care of your health should be as essential as working or having a bank account.  We should give the same importance to preventing ill health as we do to preventing bankruptcy.

  Our health can and should be of interest to us. I am here to encourage you to rise to the challenge of taking small but constant steps toward a healthy 'wealth' lifestyle ─ to discover your own " digestive intelligence."

  The first thing to say is that we all have a second "brain," one that lies hidden deep inside our gut ─ a honed and powerful intelligence at our core, in the center of our bodies. 
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It may seem strange, but it is important that we work with this intelligence, so that we can learn how to decipher the message it sends us. My aim is to introduce you to the pleasure  of recognizing, learning about, and respecting your own digestive system ─ that marvelous and powerful being that occupies almost all the space inside you. Whether you make it a friend who helps and serves you happily or you mistreat it daily haphazardly is your decision.

  Treated well, the digestive system knows how to repair itself . It will start showing its appreciation for any positive changes you make within 15 hours, including changing to a better healthier diet or giving it the needful care it needs. Yes, it is true that the same system can put up with months and years of mistreatment of abuse without complaining much, but if you want to have a good quality of life it is important to have a good working digestion. 

  This blog-site's aim is to provide you with basic, up-to-date understanding of your digestive system, so that you can help your doctor to diagnose your problems. If you do this, you will give your doctor the pleasure of communicating wit an intelligent patient-client who knows how to be precise in his complaints and who applies the basic preventive measures in his daily life. You have to treat the patient not the illness ─ to search for the root of the problem, not just patch up the symptoms.

  Holistic medicine study and approach involves, primarily, the application of natural and less damaging methods of treatment to correct and coordinate the functions of all the body's systems. From day one, successful holistic treatment requires introducing changes in nutrition and hygiene and REEDUCATING (FOR EMPHASIS) the patient about how their human body works best. At the same time, however, holistic doctors work within the sphere of conventional medicine, and stay up to date on the latest medical breakthrough knowledge, so that they can make accurate diagnosis of disease and choose the correct and appropriate allopathic treatments involving drugs or equipment, if required. This skilled combination of allopathic and complementary modalities is the medicine of the future. 

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