Monday, July 16, 2018


For most people , thinking is a regular day at work, play and a way of life.  You find the safest, yet most affordable way to get your plan done with minimal risk to people you know. You are one of those who charts every step of a process and have contingent plan B and plan C for each step. You study and rehearse all the custom issues and you are ready to pull the plug on your team's involvement if the risk grew too great at any point in the process.

Aside from tournament chess players, few people have to study permutations of a situation. But thinking, when powered by your dreams and feelings, can be a very powerful aspect of your life.

Thinking is the third member of the rowing team, and building thinking skills is what this blog is really about. The other two members in the team are Dreams and Feelings. You have Dreams calling out direction while Thinking and Feeling do the rowing forward. When all three-areas of your one mind are in sync, you glide through life. Of course, these three-person rowing team are not always in perfect 100% synchrony. Thanks to your thinking side, you can anticipate, plan, invent, innovate, contemplate, and decide. On a daily basis, when you are sizing up situations, gathering information, data, weighing alternatives, and considering consequences, you are using this marvelous side of your mind.

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