Thursday, July 12, 2018

Your thinking Change.. Your life Transformed

Adopting a new way of thinking will change your life by helping you to see opportunities more clearly, sort through ambiguity more effectively, and make better decisions.

Start practicing your own new way of thinking today and enjoy greater clarity, confidence, success and satisfaction.

As you change your thinking now, you are transforming your life now.

How can you actually do this?

Well, it is pretty much the same sort of behavior shift you'd make when committing to a nutrition or exercise lifestyle regime. You Keep The Vision Of The "New And Improved" You In Mind Everyday, as you keep active toward that goal.

So here we go with the tips, tools, and techniques cliff notes:

1. Break yourself from the patterns of your past by looking each day at the lives of those people around you and in the media, for examples of those who exhibit highly effective thinking -- not just the Nobel prize  winners, but also those people who excel at whatever they set out to do.

2. keep track of your progress in a journal, diary, or a computer file or blog like this one you are reading right now. You will soon know more and more about you and your thinking style, or styles.
Are you improving, stretching yourself to use styles your formerly did not use?
Are you meeting challenges with more confidence?
Are you better prepared for anything?
the most effective people in the world develop their own measurement system to track their daily progress, Think of this as having "mini' goals. The strategy is to think-act-measure-correct-improve. this might seem like a lot of work -- and it is, at first. however, you will immediately start being more comfortable in your own skin knowing you are becoming the best you can be. And happy about yourself.

3. keep your mind active. test yourself with exercises or quizzes. there are numerous thinking challenges on the internet and, if you look with your now-more-enlightened mind, in the real world around you. How can you be more innovative at work or at home? is there a better way to approach a particular problem in a more timely or open-minded way? you might find yourself coming up with new revenue streams at work/home or better ways to balance your personal and professional life. you might fix your finances. And, research indicates that those people with active minds live fuller and richer lives the older they get. It's dynamic living with dynamic aging -- it is a gift.

4. Reward yourself when you discover you are using thinking powers you may have never thought you had. You can be your own best coach of cheerleader once you start measuring improvement. It is about a better life, so treat yourself right. you will have earned it! Applause.

Go forth and matter!

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