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It is easier to lift all your toes at once than lifting one toe at a time, but the ability to lift them toes separately means you are in better control of your feet. To test your ability to use your toe muscles individually, try lifting just your big toes while keeping the other eight toes on the ground.

Then, try lifting just the big toe on the left foot, and then the right big toe.

Work to lift each big toe straight upward, rather than letting it veer sideways , toward the pinkie toe.

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After you have mastered lifting your big toes, try lifting first them and then the second toe of each foot, making sure to keep the balls of your feet on the floor.

Then lift the third, fourth, and fifth toes.

Once all the toes are lifted, put them back down one by one. then try this again, but one foot at a time.

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Stand on your feet and lift all of your toes upward. Your pinky toe should rise the same way and the same height as your big toe.

If you are unable to lift your toes one toe at a time, don not worry! Keep working on toe spreading (click here) and lifting, and address your footwear choices. Eventually, your toes will start listening.

When you are finished with all this toe work, stretch them out with the Top of the Foot Stretch. (click here

Barefoot-Friendly Floor Space

One of the reasons thick soles are recommended is because many of us have lost the ability to sense things with our feet, and many inadvertently step on something sharp enough to harm them. However, that puts us in a pickle -- in order to redevelop our feet's sense, we to go unshod and make them healthier, which , which then puts our feet at risk. The solution is to create a barefoot-friendly floor space.

~ Vacuum an area you want to keep clear to make sure you don't step on any sharp debris (thick pins, needles, etc.).

~ For an extra layer of protection, roll out a thick towel or rubber mat over the area you've vacuumed.

~ If your feet are very sensitive, double up on floor coverings -- put a mat over a carpet, or layer a blanket or many towels for cushioning.

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