Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Healthcare Survey? Who dare ...

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. In today health care and wealth-dare, we MUST develop diverse talent. And victory belongs to the most persevering and constant quest for Glory.

Why survey?
The survey is a recognised and accepted part of present modern society.
The survey is one of the means by which society keeps itself informed, a way of bring under control situations of interest of increasing size and complexity of obtaining perspective and standards of comparison.

Voters alone will decide the boundary and limits which the politicians can go. And politicians are merely actors acting out the script which were dictated by the the audience-voters. Period.

This is of course is one very good reason why Healthy Wealth survey is here to stay. All the positive results are due to your proactive response and constant visits and dare to challenge the status quo. Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. Exceed expectations. dare to believe in the beauty of your dreams and the steady unfolding of your destiny.

Survey Humans?
; if one human being (you) is difficult enough to investigate, human beings in their social setting, interacting with one another and subject to influences of all kinds, are very much more difficult but possible; challenging.

Now libraries are numerous, and some are large, very large, in staff and stock; information also is EXPLODING; and the needs of users are more urgent and more complex.

To prove efficiency to others, water cure diseases protocol, www.watercure.com ,when one is concerned with knowledge, is not easy. but possible. If a reader/researcher/librarian wants to expand into new territory and higher level, a few statistics well presented can be more convincing than a dozen theoretical arguments.

Before anyone can recommend change, one must know the existing facts. Sound decision making requires more facts and the cost of mistakes is much higher. Today's library journals are more concerned with computers than with real people surveys, and undoubtedly operational research and management methods will assume increasing prominence.

A plea for the analytical study of the reading habit.

What is a survey?
Like an elephant, it (survey) is easier to recognise than to define.
A good survey gives an oversight of a field, and is thus distinguished from the sort of study which consists of a microscopic examination of the tuft; a good survey is a map rather than a detailed plan.

Some facts are there waiting (www.watercure2.com) to be collected, some facts have to be elicited with great care and tenderness. Most facts only become useful as they can re related to other facts. You cannot truly measure the value of a blog/website/library (www.propheticrevelation.net for example)to its community. You can measure the use made of it, the community's attitude to it, even to some extent the economic contribution it makes to the community. In the last resort this must be a value judgement.

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