Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today's pessimist versus yesterday's optimist?

In the mist your vision need to turn to inside insight to take a next step to survive. We were born united to optimize all situations , not withstanding , whether one is born with good vision or otherwise. It has been said that a pessimist is one person who sees a difficulty in every opportunity; whereas an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

Dear honorable reader, that's you, let today be a day of seeing opportunities rather than difficulties. We are given eyes to see, there are " open doors " everywhere.

We are in the mid of mist, we know that. We are free individual to decide what type of mist we want to be, opti-mist or pess-i-mist ?

All our life will feel safer and gladder;
the enigmas of human (you being one of them) history will be assume a kindlier aspect;
and the big universe itself will become friendlier, if we go into the new day with this precious truth in mind, that the sovereign God-Creator is our Father, ever-loving, ever-present, compassionately interested in all our concerns and ever pursuing through our changeful (change is the only constant) earthly vicissitudes His purposes for our ultimate good. We are good being in Father's good hand; God is Good Father.

Di Balik Kesulitan, Ada Kemudahan
Tidak ada tujuan lain dari kesulitan yang menimpa, kecuali menjadikan jiwa kita lebih besar daripada sebelum kesusahan itu tiba: tumbesar.

Bagaimana kita akan mengenali kekuatan jiwa, jika kita tidak pernah menemukan kesulitan hingga menyesakan dada. Maka, tak ada gunanya mengeluhkan besarnya kesukaran yang harus dihadapi, apalagi sampai mengerdilkan kekuatan yang ada dalam diri.
Tuhan tidak akan menaruh kita dalam keadaan yang kesulitannya lebih besar daripada kemampuan kita untuk mengatasinya. Terimalah hukum (law) ini dengan keikhlasan utuh, karena dengan itu kita akan menemukan jalan unuk kemudian berhasil keluar dari kesulitan menuju kemudahan yang sempurna.
Penderitaan menumbuhkan kekuatan. Kebahagiaan menghadapi kesusahan memancarkan kelembutan. Dan kelembutan yang kuat adalah pengubah kesulitan yang terbaik. Percaya.

How often we think or misunderstand our real needs! How often we think that if only we had more money, how much more we don't know, higher position in political sense, greater gifts or perhaps better health, we should be much better off!

No, our real need is "grace and peace." Thank our Father-God they can be ours through all the coming days. Grace is the imparting to us of Father-God's holy love. Peace means well-being in general.

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