Friday, October 2, 2009

Your Resposibilty

To let us know the facts and expose the errors and champion for truth, for freedom in health care.

Every effort is made to keep the Healthy Wealth current. However, we cannot correct an error (if any) unless we know of its existence, right?

In this regard, it is essential that you, respected and honoured readers do your part - let us know.

Really appreciate your readership and recognition. Comments, corrections, and questions regarding this Healthy Wealth blog or any phase of the same Healthy Wealth program are warm-heartily welcomed. With smiles.

Every living human body organism has certain unique well-defined limitations to its operations. Maximum or optimal performance/living requires careful consideration of these limitations. This fact should be remembered when using this human body to experience human body .

Thanks for your regular reading and sharing this Healthy Wealth with your facebook friends, families and doctors, worldwide.

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You are the cause for Healthy Wealth growth.

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