Wednesday, October 21, 2009

medical data or identical data?

Doctors are merely collecting data to fill up the files in clinics and their respective speciality practice if the patients are not receiving the wholesome and holistic treatment and educational-consultation.

The analytical survey does not rest content with collecting and arranging data. It attempts to relate one piece of data to another, to probe beneath the figures to underlying factors and patterns. If you have been following the worldwide H1N1 flu mass vaccination program, then you be wiser to avoid the much propaganda campaign to influence the innocent public who trusted (read "over-trusted)the governments' agencies or health care bodies.

Accessibility is a more important influence on people's reading than readability or interest.
It is usually unwise, even when it is possible, to pass over the whole operation to a professional body : fundamental misunderstandings may give rise to some curious results.

Survey or slurvey?
There are all sorts of pitfalls and the experts themselves have not always escaped them.

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