Monday, December 28, 2009

Be a hero for cancer victims?

Be a hero for humanity, not a coward.

Do You Have Cancer and Should You Have Chemotherapy?

Ask your doctor:

1. If he is aware of a 1986 New England Journal of Medicine Report which stated that the survival rate of people who had chemotherapy was only 3%. As of 2001, these figures remain the same.

2. If a healthy immune system is the only thing that can get us well and keep us well, why would anyone give chemotherapy to a patient if it destroys your immune system?

3. To show you studies of the number of patients alive five years after chemo, and what percentage of those alive after five years are totally free of cancer. Likewise for his own patients.

4. For a copy of the 1974 Lancet Medical Journal report that says in every case that people with no chemo lived better and longer than those who had it.

5. Aren't chemo drugs made from left over, deadly, chemical warfare poisons?

6. What percentage of people who are given chemo are killed because of the toxicity of chemo?

7. Would your doctor give chemo to a member of his own family, or choose something else?

8. Does he give chemo because he knows it works or because he's been told to follow the cancer protocols because he cold get sued if he doesn't?

9. Is he interested in hearing how a famous M.D. got rid of terminal cancer without chemo, surgery, radiation or drugs?

10. If he is interested in hearing how a local man got rid of twenty-six malignant tumors and incurable cancer after Geisinger Hospital sent him home to get his affairs in order? Likewise, he had no chemo, surgery, radiation or drugs.

11. If he believes that nutrition and hydration are very important in preventing cancer and getting rid of it?

By the time your doctor answers these questions or ignores them, you should know what to do. You should also list your own questions to ask. Most importantly, listen to Dr. Lorraine Day's taped interview from 'Positive Press On The Air', WAAT 750 AM Scranton. It details much of what she did to get rid of incurable cancer. Then make your decision. Why should anyone but you decide what to do with your life?

12. Try

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