Monday, December 28, 2009

Nice to read about your blogs on Mammograms

Nice to read about your blogs on Mammograms

From Joanne Firth (Safe Breast Imaging) to me

Dec 26 (3 days ago)


Just reading your blog on mammograms. I found your link through my google alert on Gilbert Welch, one of my favourites.

I just think we are looking at the wrong end with the whole breast cancer issue. I recently wrote to my database saying that by the time a tumour shows up on a screening mammogram, it needs to be about 1cm, which takes an average of 8 years to grow to this size and is already 1 billion cells! Isnt that amazing. I challenge my women to think about the clues we notice before then. A long as we are looking for clinically detected cancers (the threshold is quite large), we will not change outcomes.

I offer a safe and comfortable breast imaging service to Australian women of all ages, as a way to monitor their breast health. As far as I am concerned, there are plenty of experts to screen, diagnose and treat cancer. I am happy to look after the other 95% of women who do not get it!

Keep up your good work, and challenging the status quo.

Joanne Firth
Managing Director
Safe Breast Imaging

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